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  • oc2888
    May 1, 2010
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      This past week I visited a diverse set of locations:

      Blue Jay Campground: Lazuil Bunting, lots of chipping Sparrows, Lark Sparrows.

      Aliso and Woods, along the trail across the creek: Blue Grosbeck, Yellow-breasted Chat, Black-headed Grosbeck.

      Huntington Central Park: Urban Gardern - never new this existed until the earlier post: Blue Grosbeck ; Shipley Nature Center, went to see the new water feature: Black-headed Grosbeck, Pacific Sloped Flycatcher, lots of kids learning.

      I posted a picture of the Red-necked Grebe, this morining, from Newport Bay, from Thursday.

      On Thursday evening, I drove up to Pinnacle National Monument to see the California Condor after reading the article in last Sunday's LA Times. I was expecting a horde of people, so I got to the west side entrance early (7AM) and was able to enter with an arriving ranger.
      Hiked up to the general location, encountered three adults, in nearby trees, then soaring. A great experience. If anyone wants more info, drop me an email.

      Richard Thunen
      Newport Beach

      Email: dthunen@...