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3414Re: Weird Rarity Chase

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  • vireos44
    Jan 2, 2009
      Thanks, Steve. It sounds like you got a good look at it. I hope to
      see the bird this weekend. Apparently Brian Daniels and Leo Ohtsuki
      didn't have any luck finding it today. I wasn't aware of the specific
      difference in length of the central pair of rectrices (R1). However,
      based on a comparison of photo 23.1 (page 194)of an adult male Rufous
      with R1 extending beyond the other rectrices while at rest and photo
      24.1 (page 206)of an adult male Allen's also with R1 extending beyond
      the other rectrices while at rest in Howell's "Hummingbirds of North
      America" (2002), this field mark isn't diagnostic. (Also see side-by-
      side comparison of spread tails of adult male Rufous and Allen's
      specimens in photo 24.3 on page 207 in the same book, both specimens
      with R1 appearing to be longer than the other rectrix pairs).

      Jim Pike
      Huntington Beach

      --- In OrangeCountyBirding@yahoogroups.com, Steve Sosensky
      <Steve@...> wrote:
      > Jim,
      > I sent this to Curtis privately:
      > The RUHU is an adult male with virtually no green anywhere on the
      > body, I saw the tail flash and got to see the extended R1s
      > beyond the other retrices. Not many people are aware of this field
      > mark as it isn't published anywhere that I know of. It was told to
      > by Sheri Williamson, and I had Kimball pull some trays of male
      > and male Allen's at the LA Co. NHM so I could check it out. It's a
      > consistent diagnostic mark for adult males.
      > I do realize the rarity of RUHU in the county in winter, which is
      > I reported the bird.
      > At 07:02 PM 2009-01-01, vireos44 wrote:
      > >There are plenty of reasons to be cautious in regards to reports of
      > >wintering Rufous Hummingbirds (RUHU)in ORCO. Number one is the fact
      > >that there are extremely few well-documented winter records for the
      > >county.
      > Good birding,
      > Steve Sosensky,
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      > Nature Photos
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