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2189OC warbler stakeouts

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  • vireos44
    Jan 1, 2007
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      Brian Daniels, Curtis Marantz, Doug Willick, and I went looking for
      stakeout warblers today. Brian had the Yellow-throated Warbler at
      Tewinkle Park in Costa Mesa along the wall behind homes near the blue
      playground equipment. Brian and Curtis also refound the Worm-eating
      Warbler, which Brian had originally found on count day in a
      neighborhood near UC-Irvine. Go south on Culver from the 405 to
      Campus. Go west on Campus, then south on East Peltason, and south on
      Los Trancos. Park in about 100 yards in the lot on the left near the
      swimming pool. (Parking is problematic here, as permissible spots are
      limited). Walk around the pool to the walkway bordered by hedges. The
      bird covers alot of ground and calls less often than is desirable.
      Finding the bird will be most easily accomplished with a group of
      birders, familiarity with the call, and luck. Lastly, Curtis and I
      had the Hooded Warbler at Aurora Park in Mission Viejo. It was mostly
      working the upper, oak-covered (south) slope in the upper end of the
      ravine. It is usually found feeding on the ground, and it thankfully
      does tend to call alot.

      Jim Pike
      Huntington Beach