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1622Chiloe Wigeon

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  • Rick
    Jul 2, 2005
      I blundered into this bird this morning, July 2, at 10:30. I walked
      from the Sea and Sage Audubon house parking lot at SJWS down the trail
      along the creek and under the first bridge. I tried to film Clift
      Swallows on the far side of the bride and gave up. I continued towards
      the ocean and took a left fork that looked like an old jeep trail, then
      when I got 50 feet in or so I cut thru the brush to the creek bank and
      there was an unidentifiable duck. So I took some films that came out
      real clear (but don't have the ability to upload yet) and some pics
      that I did upload (see Chiloe Wigeon folder). My camera is a Panasonic
      Mini DV recorder so its primary job is to film, its picture capability
      is very low pixel. Anyway, when I got back to the Audubon House the man
      at the desk, Jeff I believe it was, helped me look for it. We found it
      in a book called Waterfowl by Steve Madge. Chiloe Wigeon, anas
      sibilatrix, a native of Chile. I suppose its considered an escapee
      here and not naturally occurring. But just in case I called Doug
      Willick's Rare Bird number and am posting this note and pictures here.

      Rick Shearer
      Fountain Valley