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  • vicleipzig@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2004
      In a message dated 12/1/2004 8:20:44 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      suanderson@... writes:
      I will be in Orange County this weekend and had my heart set on
      birding Bolsa Chica. I see that due to construction there are changes
      in access. I noted in message #1431 that access through the south end
      is being used. Is this the best approach? Will I be able to go
      through the entire area? Any help greatly appreciated.
      su anderson
      corte madera,ca (marin co.)
      Su Anderson asked about access to Bolsa Chica. Although major construction
      is underway, there are still three points of public access.
      1. The Harriett Wieder Regional Park children's playground area offers great
      views of the seasonal ponds at the south end of BC. From Pacific Coast
      Highway, go inland about half a mile on Seapoint Ave. The playground parking will
      be on the left, but a roadway median requires you to go a short way past the
      playground and make a u-turn in order to get to it.
      2. The boardwalk (walkbridge) along PCH is still open to the public and the
      birding in this area has been very good recently (e.g. two American Bitterns
      for the past 10 days). However, the loop trail is closed near the far end of
      the boardwalk.
      3. The parking area off Warner Avenue and the interpretive center are still
      open to the public. The interpretive center has recently received some
      upgrades of its exterior and of its displays. Bolsa Chica is definitely still open!


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