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1385RW Blackbirds and Gt. Horned Owls at Clark Park

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  • Delores Jenisch
    Sep 3, 2004
      At Clark Regional Park, Thursday, Sept. 2, about 6:00 PM, we
      watched a flock of Red-winged Blackbirds harvesting the
      pinenuts of a small pine tree. It seemed out of character
      for them to be swarming all over a pine tree. Rushes and
      brushes is where we usually find them, not pine trees! But,
      there they were.

      The Northern Mockingbirds were casually harassing the
      blackbirds from time to time. I don't think I've ever seen
      so many Mockingbirds at once before. The Cassin's Kingbirds
      joined the fray from time to time although they didn't
      really seem to care how effective their efforts were. They
      were too busy relating to each other.

      Found the two remaining Great Horned Owls without any
      trouble. They were in the high Aleppo Pines along the golf
      course near the park's dumpster at the base of Camel Hill.
      The smallest one is still doing the "feed me" call at
      sundown, aiming the call to its sibling. They are eating
      well enough, judging by the contents of their castings. One
      casting had an almost intact rodent skull in it along with
      lots of little bones and fur. Fascinating!

      Earlier, in our backyard, about 4:30 PM, while watering the
      bottlebrush, I realized that a Pacific-slope Flycatcher was
      enjoying a bath in the spray. Of course, I had to oblige it
      by keeping the spray directed above it for as long as it
      wanted. What fun!

      Good birding in Orange County,

      Delores Jenisch
      Fullerton, North OC

      (packing on hold, house in escrow, condo in AZ has been
      secured to serve as base of operations while we look around
      a bit.)