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1088Sunday birding at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

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  • dianetrisdale@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2003
      Hi OrCo Birders,

      Another great birding trip to SJWS on Sunday with my daughter from San Diego. Because of her other obligations, this will probably be our last trip there together until 2004 so we tried to make it count.

      We saw a total of 48 species in leisurely birding of about 2 hours. Besides "the usual suspects", we saw one Spotted Sandpiper (Uncommo on the check list) and one Black-bellied Plover ("irregular") both in Pond E .

      In the trees near the Duck Club, we spotted a Blue-grey gnatcatcher and Ruby-crowned Kinglet ("rare" on the checklist) and had the thrill of seeing the ruby flash on the top of the kinglet's head.

      Another treat were two immature Black-crowned Night-herons in the reeds of Pond B, I believe, along with other herons and egrets. Swimming nearby was a Sora which is listed as Uncommon.

      We had been told there were Redheads in Pond 2 but that they frequently were swimming out of sight. Well, they stayed out of sight although other observers had seen them.

      We didn't see Northern Pintails or Blue-winged Teal which we had seen in small numbers on previous visits.

      There were dozens and dozens of Double-crested Cormorants in the ponds and doing fly-overs. I could have done without them but they were a sight to see anyway.

      The volunteers at the Audubon House are so helpful--told us about the American Pipits on the "meadow" near the Duck Club and where the Red-throated Pipit had been seen several times. Guess the pipit has moved on as no one has reported it lately to my knowledge. If you go SJWS, be sure and peruse the list posted on the wall by the front door. It took me a couple of vists to realize that was a quick way to see what is being seen (or reported) on an individual day.

      All in all, it was another fun birding trip in southern California. I see lots of serious birders--or at least birders with serious scopes and binos out and about -- but never see any of their postings. I always wonder what they are seeing that I have missed. Sometimes I ask but usually I just hope they are someone who will post to this site.

      Keep on birding every chance you get and enjoying southern California. I sure am.

      Good Birding

      Diane Trisdale
      Texan transplanted to OK
      In San Pedro, LA County, until 1-2004