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  • Lilith Mageborn
    Sep 1, 2003
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      Didn't get to Tucker until about 9:45 (after taking a wrong turn or two)
      - and they are still busily getting things into place. The observation
      deck is nice - there was a Los Angeles Times reporter who got a picture,
      among others, of an Oak Titmouse with a peanut in its mouth from the
      feeder in front of the observation porch. I had my Sibley guide and
      between me and one of the women who works there, we were able to ID the
      bird for the reporter. The article will be in tomorrow morning's LA

      Some of the trees are pretty much dead & gone in the enclosed area. The
      hiking trail (Harding truck trail) was good for a long hike. Because I
      came so late in the day, relatively speaking, I saw a good turnout of
      scrub jays and acorn woodpeckers, two Black Chinned and one Anna's
      hummers, Ravens and one unidentified black hawk shaped and sized bird
      that either had a white item in its beak or had a white beak/head. I am
      told that the trail is excellent very early in the day while the
      observation deck is good most of the time owing to feeders and water. So
      far, the hours are 9 am to 4 or 5 pm. (There were conflicting signs as to
      the closing time.) While I didn't see much in the way of birds, it was
      just good to go around and get the lay of the land for next time...which
      probably won't be until next Tuesday morning.

      The interpretive trailer is still being worked on, and the bathrooms need
      to get the cobwebs out. :-) It will be interesting to see how Tucker
      shapes up over the next few months.

      Sue Jorgenson
      East Anaheim CA

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