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Dusky-capped and Hammond's Flycatcher(s) continue at Gilman Park

About 11:30 or so (and boy, was it warm!), I entered the park. Within a few minutes I located the Dusky-capped flycatching at the stream below the brown bridge
6:44 PM

Any recent sightings of the Pine Warbler at ENC?

Would appreciate knowing about them, if so. Thanks! Sherry Meddick Silverado
Mar 26

Dusky-capped flycatcher and Hammond's flycatcher continued in Gilman

At noon March 26, Dusky-capped flycatcher and Hammond's flycatcher continued in Gilman Park. The Dusky-capped was seen behind the closed restroom and Hammond's
Mar 26

Ash-throated Flycatcher and large flock of shorebirds over Anaheim

I had an Ash-throated Flycatcher this evening in my neighborhood, and also a large flock of around 60 medium sized shorebirds with slightly decurved bills (I
Trish G
Mar 26

Mystery Duck at Mile Square Park in the Nature Center

I saw a female duck at the nature center at Mile Square Park yesterday and the day before. Sorry for the late notification. It was hanging out with the
Mar 25

Re: Bonaparte's Gulls in partial spring molt at Dana Point Harbor

At 5:10 pm there are well over 100 Bonaparte Gulls at the San Juan Creek Mouth. Two have a more developed black face mask than others. They are by far the
Mar 24

Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Black-and-White Warbler, and Black Scoter t

On Saturday, a Northern California friend and I decided to look for the Dusky-capped Flycatcher at Gilman Park; we managed to get good looks with the help of
Mar 24

Bonaparte's Gulls in partial spring molt at Dana Point Harbor

There was a large flock of Bonaparte's Gulls on the tide pool rocks south of Puerto Point at Dana Point Harbor at about 9 AM this morning. Several of the birds
Mar 24

Re: What is this bird

Bill Do you have a field guide? The National Geographic Field Guide or the Sibley would both open a new world for you. Why did you have to discontinue
T.G. Miko
Mar 24

What is this bird

Hi, I am a new be at birding since I am unable to continue my Astronomy hobby. So I thought that taking pictures of birds would do for me. I photographed
Mar 24

Black-chinned Hummingbird at Irvine Regional Park - 23 MAR 2015

At 6:45pm this evening, I had a male Black-chinned Hummingbird at Irvine Regional Park. I was just standing at the intersection of the Egret and Santiago
Jeff Bray
Mar 23

Mountain Quail

Had a great morning at Blue Jay Campground- saw a pair of Mountain Quail next to the road, small flock of Pine Siskins feeding in an Oak and a Brewer's
Don Hoechlin
Mar 23

Purple Finch

I had 2 female Purple Finch feeding in the trees by the back pond next to the baseball field today. No Pine Warbler however. Don Hoechlin. Costa Mesa
Don Hoechlin
Mar 23

Anna's Hummingbird

Strange behavior I observed a few days ago at Balearic Park. An Anna's Hummingbird male was grasping a female's leg at about 6 feet above the ground below a
Beverly Hargrove
Mar 22

Bell's Vireos are at San Joaquin - 22 MAR 2015

I walked the back section of San Joaquin this morning and heard at least 5 Bell's Vireos singing. A pair by the footbridge, along with one female type Hooded
Jeff Bray
Mar 22
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