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Orange County RBA: May 25, 2017

*RBA* * California * Orange County * May 25, 2017 * CAOC17.05.25 This is the Orange County, CA weekly Rare Bird Alert (RBA) and local events summary.
Ryan Winkleman
12:26 PM

Red-eyed Vireo

Sorry for the late posting but through an email mishap I'm just now seeing that Dick Erickson found a Red-eyed Vireo on the border of Irvine and Newport Beach
Ryan Winkleman
May 24

SBVAS pelagic trip, June 10

Birders, San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society still has about 10 spaces remaining on our pelagic trip on Saturday, June 10. During this his 9-hour pelagic
May 23

Re: Bird identification, please

It's a Warbling Vireo. Regards,Ed Ed StonickPasadena, CAedstonick@... On Sunday, May 21, 2017 5:34 PM, "Wm Voss bellafortuni@...
May 21

Bird identification, please

Is this a juvenile kingbird? Spotted bathing below the railing along the west feeder creek at Craig Park. Photos are not great, as it was jumping in and out of
Wm Voss
May 21

Re: Sprague's Pipit

Please disregard... I am told this is a young Horned Lark, not a Sprague's Pipit. Regards, Roger
May 20

Sprague's Pipit

Hiking the Coal Canyon Truck Trail in the Santa Ana Mountains in search of butterflies this morning I found a very unexpected SPRAGUE'S PIPIT on the trail.
May 20

Highlights of 2/19 Harriett Wieder Park Monthly Count

We had an excellent count today (2/19) at Harriett Wieder Park. We had many of the same birds that Vic Leipzig had on his Sea & Sage outing there yesterday
May 19

Ridgway's on the Move

Greetings, I went to Bolsa Chica this morning around 8:00 AM and heard clacking and saw flying feathers in the pickleweed north of the wooden bridge. A short
May 18

Orange County RBA: May 18, 2017

*RBA* * California * Orange County * May 18, 2017 * CAOC17.05.18 This is the Orange County, CA weekly Rare Bird Alert (RBA) and local events summary.
Jeff Bray
May 18

Lawrence's Goldfinch

Had 5 Lawrence's Goldfinch at Villa Park basin today- below the cemetery where there is a white wall with a large cross. Photos on Flickr :
Don Hoechlin
May 17

Re: Bulbul

Hi Patti, Red-whiskered Bulbuls are widespread and probably expanding in the vicinity of Pasadena, but there are no known populations in Orange County. As
May 15


Hi, This is my first post.  I saw an unusual bird  on my back yard pond cam in Silverado yesterday.  It was a Red Whiskered Bulbul.  Have these been seen
Patti Tondorf
May 15

Orange County RBA: May 11, 2017

*RBA* * California * Orange County * May 11, 2017 * CAOC17.05.11 This is the Orange County, CA weekly Rare Bird Alert (RBA) and local events summary.
Ryan Winkleman
May 11

Canyon Park - 9 MAY (Afternoon)

Stopped by Canyon Park in Costa Mesa this afternoon to see if I could catch a break on seeing a Cassin's Vireo, but no luck with that. The wind was pretty
Jeff Bray
May 9
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