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Lazuli Buntings, etc at Santiago Oaks Reg Park

At Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange today (Saturday), near the intersection of Sour Grass and Rinker trails were: Lazuli Buntings (2), a Warbling Vireo,
4:20 PM

Northern Waterthrush & Palm Warbler

Rick Shearer and I walked around the east side of Huntington Central Park this morning. A calling NORTHERN WATHERTHRUSH flew past us into the east end of the
12:31 PM

Re: Tricolored Blackbird at Huntington Central Park

Hi all I received a couple of replies (thank you) and some good details as to why this is a Red-winged, not a Tricolored Blackbird. After studying a lot of
Trish G
7:54 PM

Thank You To Everybody

Thank You to all OC Birders who assisted me with my Lesser Nighthawk request. SincerelyJohn SmallTorrance, CA Thank You to all OC Birders who assisted me with
john small
Apr 17

Tricolored Blackbird at Huntington Central Park

Yesterday I tried unsuccessfully to find a Calliope Hummingbird at HCP. I was going through my pictures today, and as far as I can tell, I found a Tricolored
Trish G
Apr 17

Gilman Park, Fullerton very birdy.

I took some out of town friends to Gilman Park this morning and it was exceptionally birdy. We had the Dusky-capped, Pacific-Slope and Ash-throated
Apr 17

Yellow-Breasted Chat, etc. at Harriett Wieder Park on 4-17-15

We had a good monthly count at Harriett Wieder Park today. The best bird was a Yellow-breasted Chat that first sounded off on the Bolsa Chica side in some
Apr 17

Gull-billed Terns

2 GULL-BILLED TERNS were present this evening at Bolsa Chica in the mud flats at the north end of the tidal basin. One of the birds was banded. The left leg
Apr 16

Areas In OC Area to see Lesser Nighthawks

Good Afternoon OC Birders. Where are the best areas in The OC for Lesser Nighthawks? Plese get back to me. John SmallTorrance. CA Good Afternoon OC Birders.
john small
Apr 16

Cassin's Vireo and Black and White Warbler

Hi, OC Biders, yesterday in Huntington Beach Central Park I spied a Cassin's Vireo in the large grassy area starting at the foot of the Gothard parking lot
Apr 16

Lazuli Bunting, multiple Western Tanagers--Silverado

I took an hour or so about mid-day to bird the area along Silverado Canyon Road near the church and stables easterly to the first bridge. I really didn't do it
Apr 14

Calliope Hummingbird

After a late afternoon check for shorebirds at Talbert Lake at Huntington Central Park I did a pass through the fenced garden to check on hummingbirds. A male
Apr 13

Calliope Hummers, Carbon Canyon

I saw a pair of Calliopes squabbling at the eastern end of the Nature Trail in the Carbon Canyon Regional Park where new fencing protects recent plantings Bob
Apr 13

Palm Warbler at HCP

Monday, approx 10 a.m., there was a PALM WARBLER in Huntington Central Park (east side, north edge). It was in a low hanging euc branch, approx due north of
Apr 13

Continuing Dusky-capped Flycatcher at Gilman Park

Sorry for not getting this off sooner, but was finally able to spend a few hours looking for the Dusky-capped Flycatcher at Gilman Park, on Saturday (11
Willick, Doug
Apr 13
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