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916Re: [oracledba10g] Oracle 10g RAC Training - Practical Approach

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  • Narendra sharma
    Nov 26, 2011
      Hi Guys
      Any one offering 11g RAC in mumbai please let me know


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      Subject: Re: [oracledba10g] Oracle 10g RAC Training - Practical Approach
      Hi ,
      Please let me know the training duration , Cost and Place of trainiong
      Narendra --- On Mon, 22/3/10, TuxSam Technologies <tuxsamt@...> wrote:

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      Subject: [oracledba10g] Oracle 10g RAC Training - Practical Approach
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      Date: Monday, 22 March, 2010, 11:23

      We are conducting Online / Offline 10g RAC training

      This training is designed for DBAs who are facing challenge to grow in
      career because of no or little experience on ORACLE RAC Env.

      The training is practically oriented and gives every individual equal opportunity
      to install , maintain and administer an Oracle RAC Database.

      Topics covered in this training are :-

      Day 1
      1. RAC Fundamentals and Components
      2. Preparing RHEL 5 Linux OS
      3. Installing Packages & Setting up Environment
      4. Setting Up Kernel Parameter for Oracle
      5. Setting Up Shared Storage (iscsi Demo and overview)
      6. Understanding ASM, OCFS and Raw Devices
      7. Configuring ASM, OCFS Demo
      8. Practical Exercise

      Day 2
      1. Installing Oracle10g Clusterware
      2. Installing
       Oracle ASM
      3. Installing Oracle10g Database
      4. Installing Companion
      5. Creating RAC Database using DBCA
      6. Demo and Lab Exercise
      7. Basic RAC administration

      Day 3
      1. Understanding Patching process in Oracle RAC
      2. Applying Patch set for DB Upgrade (
      3. Applying CPU Patch in RAC
      4. Migrating Standalone Database to RAC database
      5. Demo and Lab Exercise

      Day 4

      1. Advanced RAC administration
      2. OCR and Voting Disk Administration
      3. Troubleshooting Common issue in RAC
      4. Triage issues looking in log files
      5. Demo of Transparent Applicatioin Failover(TAF)
      6. Load Balancing
      7. Database Cloning in RAC
      8. Demo and Lab Exercise

      More info @ -> http://tuxsam. com/oracle10grac .html

      If you are interested to attend this training, Please reply back

      mail @ info@tuxsam. com

      TuxSam Technologies

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