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531Re: [OracleWarehouseBuilder] Re: Sequence of import new OWB's objects

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  • otavio otavio07
    Mar 1, 2006
      Dear Sachin,

      Thanks for your help. I forgot the OBMPlus program to help me to write a script that import step-by-step the sequence of objects that I have to import.

      About (missing modules X missing database links) I'll investigate it in OTN.

      Best Regards,

      Sachin Garg <sachin_garg@...> escreveu:

      Ideally, the import sequence should not matter. You can try importing
      the independent objects first, like tables, views etc followed by

      Oracle had published a function called restore earlier on OTN (I'm
      sorry i don't have the link) that i have used in the past to fix
      similar problems where the links had disappeared upon import. I have
      seen the second problem but don't think the restore function takes
      care of that. I have had to fix it manually too. You could possibly
      write an OMB script for the second one as well if OTN doesn't help


      --- In OracleWarehouseBuilder@yahoogroups.com, "otavio07"
      <otavio07@...> wrote:
      > Dear All,
      > Always, I receive (from another country) some new versions of
      > mappings, table definitions , flows , transformations, etc... and I
      > have to import them in my database.
      > But, everytime after I import these things, and I enter into a
      > mapping and see that everything is messy. For example, the new
      > of the new mapping is not "linked" with another object. I have to
      > link everything again !
      > Another example also is after successful importation, all the
      > locations that I have inside in each module (into properties -->
      > location tab) disapeared. I have to assign the location for each
      > module again and again.
      > My question is : To avoid these kind of problems, what I have to
      > do ? How is the sequence that I have to apply in each "import"
      > process to avoid these re-work problems ?
      > Best Regards and thanks in advance,
      > Otavio Tallarico.
      > (otavio07@...)


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