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147How to do the conditional update on the target table???

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  • skyfriend4u
    Jul 1, 2004
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      We have a source table X and a target table Y.

      Source table X has two fields Firstname (Primary key) and Post code

      Target table Y has firstname (primary key), PostCode, and UpdateDate

      What I want to do is update records into Y, if postcode changes for
      an existing record (matching firstname between source and target).
      And also update the updatedate..

      If the postcode between source and target is the same for any
      records, then the record should not be updated and the updatedate
      should not be updated as well.

      IF the record does not exist in target, it should be inserted.

      Can anybody guide me on how to configure this? I don't know how to
      use expression builder..

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