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Meigs CD (Free Download) LAST FEW DAYS

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  • Mark Meinhart
    You have until Monday around 8:00am to get this file.  Again depending on downloads, this could take a few hours to 7 or 8 hours.    Mark ... From: Mark
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2008

      You have until Monday around 8:00am to get this file.  Again depending on downloads, this could take a few hours to 7 or 8 hours. 



      --- On Fri, 6/13/08, Mark Meinhart <meinhartstock@...> wrote:

      From: Mark Meinhart <meinhartstock@...>
      Subject: Meigs CD (Free Download)
      To: OHMeigs@...
      Date: Friday, June 13, 2008, 10:40 AM

      It must be that time of year, I don't know. 
      Anyway I've had several requests for the Meigs CD recently and I don't have time these days to burn CDs and send them out, etc.
      I have moved on to Boyd County, KY, Church Projects and Music Forums.
      For 1 month only, you can download the Meigs CD for FREE!
      I do mean for 1 month.
      You can go to this link:
      I updated it a little, for the FREE download.  Please do what it says.
      Meigs CD (Right Click w/Mouse-Save Target As)
      I also have some brief instructions to view or download.
      If you have a phone line, sorry, this will not work.
      I don't know how many new researchers are out there, who know
      nothing about this CD but it is worth the trouble to download.
      Below is an old History on the Meigs CD.
      Hope you enjoy the CD,
       Meigs CD Information/History
      I honestly want everyone researching Meigs County to have a copy of this CD.  It will be of great help to them, and should provide hours of enjoyment as well.  I wish I would give it away free, but we need the money to help my grandson who needs special care, training and treatment.   He is now six years old and has been diagnosed with a rare and complicated birth defect and autism, which requires special treatment beyond our financial capabilities. We do not qualify for Medicaid or Federal assistance, or any other funds at this time.  We have been working towards this goal for a few years.
      I spent around three years in preparing this Meigs CD for sale.  Around 100 researchers helped by contributing their personal material to share as well.
      The Meigs CD works on all power PCs in Windows Format.  It also work with Mac's but does not have a Window Format and certain items may not work as well, but does contain all the information.
      In October of 2001, I released the original CD, which was not Windows base, just informational material about Meigs County.  I was able to sell around 300 CD's in the first 3 months.
      In December of 2001, Bob Moyer, made/sent me some files to make the Meigs CD self-opening in windows format.  He told me how to edit those files to make the CD windows based.  I am not a programmer.  Thanks to his efforts :)   I was able to sell over 100 more CD's in a few months.
      In early 2002, I decided to go ahead with a 2nd CD and stopped selling the 1st CD.  The 2nd is more than twice the size of the First CD and everything on the First CD is on the 2nd CD.
      Major Changes on the CD are Listed Below:
      I was able to get permission to load Software to do Multi-Word Search, as I felt this was the 1st CD biggest weakness.  You could only do one word search before.  This works great.  This was made possible for Free by PEYO
      I had a couple of dozen folders on the 1st CD.   I have over 200 folders on the 2nd CD.
      I separated the Cemeteries by Townships.  If I had enough information, I separated the cemetery by itself.  Almost half the CD contains information/pictures on Cemeteries/Tombstones and this is the strong point on the 2nd CD.
      The Biographies/Histories and the Obituaries/Death Articles are separated in 4 sections alphabetically.
      The Newspaper articles are separated by decades, from 1840 through 1940 and more.
      The Picture Section is separated by Townships, Pomeroy City and Middleport, and more. 
      You have the option of viewing these in a Slideshow or viewing the manually.
      Under General Information and History I have indexes of Meigs County books that do not have indexes.
      I have a complete copy of the Pioneer History of Meigs County by Larkin from 1908, out of copyright, including pictures.  This is worth over $30 if you went and bought it.  It is only 3 files of the 8,000 file on the CD. - Think about it.
      We have the information about Meigs County from the Harris History by Charles Harris.
      Also new to the CD are the Internet Links.  I could have gone crazy with this, but I narrowed it down to what I think would be helpful for your Genealogy research and Meigs research.
      As a bonus, I have a German Section basically from Oppau, Germany.  It is included because so many German immigrants from Oppau settled in Meigs County.  It also contains a whole book, History of Oppau/Edigheim by K.O. Braun.  This is over 800 pages and was done in German.  Through the kindness and endless effort of Marbeth Knoff over the last few years, she interpreted this into English.  You cannot find a copy of this book in the U.S., I have the only copy that I know of.
      Again, the information on the Meigs CD is unique.  Most of the information contained cannot be found except on the CD.  I do not believe there is another CD around the country that contains so much information on one county. 
      Again, Thanks so much for your support on this CD-Mark Meinhart (author of the Meigs CD)
      There is a link to Hunter's Website.  Hasn't been updated for a while but says a lot at:
      How is he doing?  I took him to Day Camp about 2 weeks ago.  He did pretty good.  Had to carry him onto the boat, which he loved, once I got him there.
      He loves Hockey these days.  I see him about twice a week or so.  He stays with his Dad most of the time.  He is getting to be a young man and it gets harder to convince him to do certain things.
      Have a great weekend,

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