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Berry Family from Oppau by F. Schmitt

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    BERRY FAMILY - From Herr Schmitt *Herr Schmitt s Ebersbach Numbering System * Immigrated to Pomeroy 1 BERRY, Abraham --- ? Must have been born in France 11
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      BERRY FAMILY - From Herr Schmitt

      *Herr Schmitt's Ebersbach Numbering System * Immigrated to

      1 BERRY, Abraham --- ?
      Must have been born in France

      11 BERRY, Johann Adam--- GUILBERT, Judith Margaretha (Wife I)
      Immigrated-1725 ( France) ?
      D-3/23/1805 Oppau D-11/27/1756 Oppau
      Married 1758

      111 BERRY, Adam---FICK, Anna Maria (121)
      D-3/24/1805 Oppau

      112 BERRY, Maria Johanna---SCHMID, Johann Peter (Husband I)
      B-11/27/1732 Oppau
      D-4/1/1788 Oppau
      Married 3/14/1776
      ---KLOTZ, Conrad (husband II)

      D-1788 Oppau

      113 BERRY, Anna Elisabetha---BRUNNER, ? (husband I)
      --- ? (husband II)

      114 BERRY, Valentin---FICK, Anna Maria (Wife I)
      ---KRAFT, Anna Maria (Wife II)

      1141 BERRY, Anna Maria---WALTER, Peter
      Married 10/24/1800

      1142 BERRY, Georg---BUTTMANN, Anna Susanna
      Married 5/11/1807

      II BERRY, Johann Adam---ZEISSLER, Anna Barbara (Wife II)
      Immigrated 1725 B-1735
      D-3/23/1805 Oppau D-11/29/1789 Oppau
      Married: 1764

      115 BERRY, Jeremias I---SCHMITT, Maria Catharina
      B-6/24/1769 Oppau B-3/16/1777 Oppau
      D-4/14/1833 Oppau D-8/16/1840 Oppau
      Married: 2/25/1800

      1151 BERRY, Georg Stephan
      B-12/9/1801 Oppau
      D-1/17/1803 Oppau

      1152 BERRY, Anna Elisabetha---KONIG, Johann Valentin I
      B-7/28/1806 Oppau B-1805 Oppau
      D-1851 Oppau

      1153 BERRY, Johannes II---EBERTS, Anna Margaretha
      B-4/8/1809 Oppau B-5/19/1812 Oppau
      D-1/11/1879 Oppau D-7/3/1856 Oppau
      Married: 2/3/1835

      11531 BERRY, Issak---BECHTEL, Anna Maria
      B-11/19/1845 B-3/5/1847
      D-10/23/1898 D-5/4/1899
      Married: 6/30/1870

      11531-1 BERRY, Barbara---BOHN, Peter
      B-6/28/1869 Oppau
      B- 2/16/1866 Oppau
      D-8/11/1892 Oppau
      D-1946 Oppau
      Married: 10/4/1887

      11532 BERRY, Anna Maria---HERDJE, Nikolaus
      B-10/30/1848 Oppau B-
      4/6/1844 Oppau
      D-3/24/1890 Oppau D-
      12.29/1887 Oppau
      Married: 10/13/1870
      Had 6 Children

      11533 BERRY, Barbara---BERGER, Johannes
      B-6/25/1835 Oppau B-
      8/8/1829 Hardenburg
      Married: 1858
      Had 2 Children

      11534 BERRY, Peter
      B-2/18/1843 Oppau
      D- Frankenthal

      11535 BERRY, Wendel---EBERSBACH, Susanna
      B-8/2/1844 Oppau B-
      4/17/1850 Oppau
      D-12/9/1911 Pomeroy D-
      11/16/1929 Huntington

      11536 BERRY, Elisabeth---BOZUNG, Martin Josef
      (Husband I)
      B-10/15/1854 Oppau B-
      11/25/1847 Frankenthal
      D-1940 D-?
      Married 2/6/1875
      Had 1 Child

      ---KNEIPP, Ludwig
      (Husband II)
      8/16/1856 Rossbach
      2/6/1904 Frankenthal
      Married: 11/4/1884
      Had 5 Children

      11537 BERRY, Valentin---HERRLE, Elisabeth
      B-10/13/1860 Oppau B-4/5/1839
      D-12/11/1912 Oppau D-
      10/13/1907 Oppau
      Married 9/1/1879

      1154 BERRY, Elisabeth---KONIG, Valentin I

      1155 BERRY, Katarina---EBERSBACH, Valentin 1148 (His
      2nd Wife)
      B-2/1/1815 B-9/7/1818 Oppau

      12 BERRY, Peter---?

      121 BERRY, Johann Valentin---?, Eva Rosina (Wife I)
      D-1/7/1805 Oppau
      ---FICK, Anna Maria---BERRY,
      (Johann's Wife II)


      D-3/24/1805 Oppau

      1211 BERRY, Anna Barbara---FISCHER, Georg Stephan
      Married 12/13/1824
      Had 1 Child

      1212 BERRY, Georg Valentin---FICK, Anna Magdalena
      D-10/8/1834 Oppau D-12/29/1830
      Married 2/27/1797

      12121 BERRY, Jermerias---BERRY, Maria Katarina
      B-1/12/1799 Oppau B-
      1806 Oppau
      D-10/17/1869 Oppau

      12122 BERRY, Maria Magdalena
      B-8/27/1800 Oppau
      D-9/14/1800 Oppau

      12123 BERRY, Elisabeth
      B-3/10/1802 Oppau
      D-4/11/1876 Oppau

      12124 BERRY, Valentin
      12125 BERRY, Lorenz
      B-12/5/1807 Oppau
      D-12/24/1807 Oppau

      12126 BERRY, Anna Maria
      B- 1807 Oppau
      D-5/28/1808 Oppau

      12127 BERRY, Magdalena
      B-5/1/1809 Oppau

      12128 BERRY, Christoph
      B-1811 Oppau
      D-8/5/1811 Oppau

      1213 BERRY, Maria Eva---ROSS, Johannes
      B-1770 Oppau
      D-12/27/1813 Oppau

      1214 BERRY, Jeremias---REUTHER, Anna Maria (Wife I)
      B-11/7/1797 Oppau
      D- Oppau
      ----SCHMIDT, Maria (Wife II)

      1215 BERRY, Johanna Maria
      D- Oppau

      12151 BERRY, Margarete---ZEISLER, Michael

      13 BERRY, Johann Philipp---BOUDMY, Anna Margaretha
      B-1718 ? B-9/12/1735 Oppau
      D-9/23/1779 Oppau D-9/24/1783 Oppau
      Married: 1/7/1784

      131 BERRY, Ludwig---LEONARD, Clara Elisabeth (Wife I)
      B-7/9/1766 Oppau
      D- 1828 Oppau
      Married: 1/7/1784

      ----BUTTMAN, Anna Elisabeth
      B-7/16/1772 Oppau
      D- 1849 Oppau
      Married: 4/14/1800

      1311 BERRY, Leonard---BRUNNER, Mary Elisabeth (Wife I)
      B-12/31/1802 Oppau B-1816
      Married: 7/4/1839
      ---HERDIE, Barbara (Wife II)

      13111 BERRY, Johannes III---KRAFT, Anna Maria
      B-1844 Oppau

      13111-1 BERRY, Anna Maria---WALTER, Peter
      B-12/15/1878 Oppau B-8/20/1875
      Married: 2/24/1900

      13112 BERRY, Georg---REUTHER,
      Married: 11/3/1874

      13112-1 BERRY, Philipp
      13112-2 BERRY, Peter---WALTER, Christine

      13112-21 BERRY,
      Wilhelm---? Dorle

      ? BERRY, Peter---

      ? BERRY,
      Peter---SCHWARZ, Barbara

      BERRY, Adolph

      BERRY, Theodor

      BERRY, Karl


      ? BERRY, Hans Peter

      BERRY, Hugo---FICK, Anna Maria

      B-1921 B-1930

      13113 BERRY, Barbara---BOHN, Leonhard
      B-2/16/1836 Oppau
      B-5/25/1831 Oppau
      D-8/24/1916 Oppau
      (Married: 4/7/1859)

      13114 BERRY, Peter---WILLERSINN,
      B-10/31/1846 B-
      Married: 11/15/1877

      1312 BERRY, Johann Heinrich
      B-3/7/1785 Oppau
      D-1785 Oppau

      1313 BERRY, Susanna Elisabeth---REUTHER,
      Johann Philipp
      B-8/19/1786 Oppau

      1314 BERRY, Johannes---?
      B-12/5/1788 Oppau

      1315 BERRY, Anna Margaretta
      13151 BERRY ?

      1316 BERRY, Peter
      B-8/25/1794 Oppau

      1317 BERRY, Ludwig

      1318 BERRY, Maria Magdalena---
      B-11/9/1795 Oppau

      1319 BERRY, Elisabeth

      1319A BERRY, Magdalena
      B-3/20/1805 Oppau

      1319B BERRY, Maria Catharina---BERRY, Jeremias
      B-12/25/1807 Oppau

      1319C BERRY, Catharina
      B-12/5/1810 Oppau
      D-12/8/1810 Oppau

      132 BERRY, Anna Margaretha---SCHMITT, Lorenz
      B-5/28/1769 B-10/19/1773
      Married: 4/21/1800

      1321 BERRY, Magdalena---OTT, Peter
      B-1805 B- 1803
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