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601Eiselstein family

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  • mshrm94
    Nov 22, 2012
      Hello everyone,

      I have not seen any postings of the Eiselstein family. If I am not mistaken 3 brothers Leonard, Conrad and Johannes Eiselstein (my ancestor)immigrated from Oppau, Germany in the early 1800s to settle in Meigs County, Ohio. We are many descendants here in the U.S. Through the years I have met Eiselstein's descending from ones of these brothers.I am interested in hearing from Eiselsteins. I have visited two cemetaries
      in Meigs county, both in Pomeroy and Chester, Ohio.My ancestors are buried at the Chester, Ohio cemetary. I have tried to find out if there has ever been a Eiselstein family reuion. But have found no such evidence of one ever taking place. Please post message if you have additional information.