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596Family Search Site (Mormans)

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  • meinhartstock
    Mar 2, 2011
      Haven't checked this site in the 1/2 year or so.

      This may be old news, but new to me.

      They've updated it quite a bit, in my opinion, throughout.

      Items not listed before there, are there now.

      Check it out (again):


      Okay I verified that they have about 8,000 Oppau records online.

      Here is my recommendation for searching:

      1. Use Oppau for the place, that is all you need.

      2. Try using first name, and last name, liked you should.

      3. If that doesn't work, try last name only.

      4. if the above last name doesn't work, use first name only.

      When checking their records, they has a terrible time in spelling the Last Names, to say the least.

      If you want to scan all of their records, just type in Oppau in the Place and it will start listing. There are 390 pages of about 20 listings each.

      The years are all over the place. I didn't try narrowing down the years, lets say, 1800-1850, is a good range.

      Hope you find what you are looking for - SMiLE :)

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      O Mark "Gramps" Meinhart

      "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."