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591Hunter's Christmas Lights - 2009 (Not Genealogy)

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  • Mark Meinhart
    Dec 2, 2009

      Hunter's Christmas Lights - 2009
      They're up and they won't get any better than this year.
      I lost 1/3 of a tree and a large bush this year.  I am
      losing my front trees, due to the emerald ash borer in
      our area.  One of those was supposed to be gone, but that
      was delayed until the first of the year.
      Even more lights than last year and a few new items/displays.
      If I had to guess there are somewhere around 33,000 or so.
      If you are a member of Facebook, you can see the pictures
      and video there.  If not I have the video on YouTube again
      this year at:
      You can download still pictures here for the next month:
      It's about a 8 minute video of Hunter's Lights.
      The centerpiece tree is 30ft high, but the tree
      around Snoopy this year has over 2,500 lights.
      Also, since I am constantly asked how long does it take to
      put these up.  I take them out of storage on Labor Day and
      start checking to see which ones light up.  I start hanging
      them in October.   This was also the first year I plugged
      them all in and didn't blow any circuit breakers, it takes
      about 10 different circuit breakers to blow the lights.

      Please come by and visit if you are in the Columbus Area.
      1 mile south of Rt. 161 off Sunbury Rd on 4400 Big Walnutview Dr.
      Please stop and say "HI" and I will walk you around the house,
      if you come by.
      Do I do them all by myself, yes for the most part, buy my
      wife Dee does help with the Big Trees and the inside windows
      and a few bushes around the yard when she can.
      Please drop a buck for the St. James Food Pantry-Thanks!
      Have a Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!

      Hope you find what you are looking for - SMiLE :)

      ^ ^
      . .
       O Mark "Gramps" Meinhart

      "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."