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Note to Seekers

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  • NYC Minoan HP
    To the number of seekers that have joined this group, I apologize for not spending more time. My schedule has been hectic and and have been working about 70
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      To the number of seekers that have joined this group, I apologize for not spending more time. My schedule has been hectic and and have been working about 70 hours a week for the last 3 weeks. This does look like it will end in the next week or so. I will contact each of you privately. Feel free to ask group questions here.

      In the mean time, I revised one of the documents on the Minoan Brotherhood based on information from "Bull of Heaven".
      Please note:

      Who founded the Minoan Brotherhood?
      Edmund M. Buczynski founded the Brotherhood in 1977 in New York City. In addition, when Joseph Cupolo, started his own grove, Eddie amended his vouch to name him the first initiate and Co-founder of the Minoan Brotherhood (Joey helped adapt ritual layout and created ritual framework to honor Kouros ["Bull of Heaven" pg 399, 408])
      Eddie was was also a student of Archaeology, having studied at Hunter College and at Bryn Mawr's Classical Studies Department prior to his death.

      Why was the Tradition founded?
      The Minoan Brotherhood was founded as a response to the heterosexist culture of most forms of Traditional Witchcraft prevalent in the 1970's. These traditions believe that due to the inherent polarity of nature, magic must be performed between a man and a woman, and any groups that work without this balance are doomed to failure. This encouraged a homophobic attitude in many of the groups of the time. The rare group sometimes welcomed gay men as brothers, but only so long as they upheld the polarity rites of the tradition they were practicing. For many, this was uncomfortable, and nigh impossible. And many groups refused to work with gay men under any circumstances.

      In addition, Eddie came across many roadblocks with Traditional Witchcraft.
      Eddie was initiated in Gwen Thompson's Celtic tradition (and later banished). He was initiated to 3rd degree in the Gardnerian Tradition (his High Priestess was told by Theos and Phoenix that her initiation was not valid. She was reinitiated but did not reinitiate Eddie, effectively removing him from that Tradition). He was also initiated into the Church of all Worlds (where he was stifled with bureaucratic procedures) and Stregga (which he could not spread to the masses). Eddie created the New York Welsh Tradition (keeping the heterosexist framework), the Book of Shadows for the Hunnington Coven (a Gardnarian Tradition based on very questionable resources), and The Wica Tradition (still active today, and his first attempt at a male/female equality).

      He used his work in his original traditions, coupled with his knowledge of and research into ancient civilizations, to develop a tradition that celebrates the unique magic possible between men who love men.

      Minos Silenos AE 3, X
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