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CfP & ToC: Venets, Volume 2, Number 1, August 2011

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  • Prof. B.V. Toshev
    [logo] http://www.venets.org Venets: The Belogradchik Journal for Local History, Cultural History and Folk Studies ISSN 1314-0245 is a
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      Venets: The Belogradchik Journal for Local History, Cultural History and Folk Studies
      ISSN 1314-0245 is a periodical consisting of  three main sections: Literary Section, Archives Section and Research Section. The profile of the journal (peer-reviewed in its research part) embraces the following topics: Local/Family History, Oral History, Heritage Studies, Rural Studies, Memory Studies, Folk Studies.

      Contributors from all over the world are encouraged to send manuscripts in  the above mentioned areas that should be written in a readable and scholarly manner. Manuscripts (in English or in Bulgarian) should not exceed 20 standard pages in length including illustrations, tables, figures and references. Articles must be accompanied by a summary of size notexceeding 20 lines.

      Style should conform to that of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

      The electronic submission of the manuscript (in word format) is preferable.

      ToC: Venets, Volume 2, Number 1, August 2011


      Literary Section (1):

      D. Bozhkova. Spring, Summer (selected Poems from Venets) [In Bulgarian] (p. 5)

      Notes: 9


      Archives Section:

      T. Minkov. Bloody Days [In Bulgarian] (p. 15)

      Notes: 7


      Oral History:

      N. Tomov. Alexander Tomov (1930-2009): A Founder of the Astronomical Photoelectric Photometry in Bulgaria [In Bulgarian] (p. 50)

      Notes: 5; References: 3; Bibliography: 6


      Research Section:

      B.V. Toshev. Urban Life: The First Car in Belogradchik [In Bulgarian]

      Notes: 8; References: 1


      N. Jain. Family and Culture as Endemic Deterants Tilting the Gender Equilibrium - The Case of Ajay Mohan Jain's Novel "Nothing Can Be as Crazy..." (p. 70)

      Notes: 17


      V. Vatchkova. Between Iskar and Morava Rivers: Mediterranean Dacia and Roman Serdica Before Constantine the Great [In Bulgarian] (p. 84)

      Notes: 41


      Literary Section (2):

      V. Kachev. The Bulgarian Glory [In Bulgarian] (p. 114)

      Notes: 3



      Belogradchik in Art (Peter Morozov) (p. 128)



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