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  • Katja Mruck
    Please excuse possible cross-postings! Dear All, I would like to inform you that FQS 9(3) -- Visual Methods
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2008
      Please excuse possible cross-postings!

      Dear All,

      I would like to inform you that FQS 9(3) -- "Visual Methods"
      edited by Hubert Knoblauch, Alejandro Baer, Eric Laurier, Sabine
      Petschke & Bernt Schnettler -- is available online. Articles are dealing
      with "Interpretative Visual Analysis", "Mobilising Visual Ethnography",
      "Using Video for a Sequential and Multimodal Analysis of Social
      Interaction" and many other issues.

      In addition to articles relating to "Visual Methods", FQS 9(3) provides
      a number of selected single contributions (on "Methodological
      Considerations for Conducting Qualitative Interviews with Youth
      Receiving Mental Health Services", on "The Role of the Researcher in the
      Narration of Life" to mention just two examples) as well as articles
      belonging to various FQS sections, as f.e. a "Book Review Symposium:
      Between Reflexivity and Consolidation -- Qualitative Research in the
      Mirror of Handbooks".

      FQS is an open-access journal, so all articles are available for free.
      Since January 2000, 29 special issues with all in all 1.135 articles by
      1.063 authors from all over the world had been published (see
      http://www.qualitative-research.net/index.php/fqs/issue/archive for
      former issues,
      http://www.qualitative-research.net/index.php/fqs/search/titles for a
      list of titles, and
      http://www.qualitative-research.net/index.php/fqs/search/authors for a
      list of authors who published in FQS).

      Once a month a newsletter is distributed to currently 9,300 subscribers,
      informing about new articles published in FQS, about coming conferences,
      open access news and other topics of interest for qualitative
      researchers (visit
      http://www.qualitative-research.net/index.php/fqs/user/register to

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if there should be any questions.

      All the best,
      Katja Mruck


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