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33FW: [IAMSLIC:6657] 500+ Records in NIO's Institutional Repository

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  • Pomes, Stephen
    Dec 22, 2006

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      Subject: [IAMSLIC:6657]

      500+ Records in NIO’s Institutional Repository

      The Institutional Repository of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) Goa, India - http://drs.nio.org - crossed 500 full-text records (Journal articles, conference articles, book chapters, theses, etc) on 1 December 2006 since it’s launching during end March 2006. Within a short span of eight months, there are over 35,000 downloads from over 100 countries. How was this achieved?:
      • 124 articles published by NIO’s authors during the year 2006 are up. Thanks to the authors who resourced these. Many of them have learnt the art of self-archiving (uploading on DRS) and few sought help of the library.
      • Other articles range for the period 2000-2005. NIO library obtained permissions from Indian publishers to upload these. These have been uploaded after scan and OCR. This has helped increasing the size of DRS.
      • Very little portion of this does include grey literature (theses, reports, etc.).
      • DRS is one among the very few institutional repositories in the field of Marine Sciences all over the world.
      The contents of DRS is harvested by: OAIster (Global harvester for archives), Google Scholar, Avano (Marine and aquatic science harvester from France) and CASSIR (Indian archives harvester at IISc, India).

      Visit DRS!

      - Murari P Tapaswi, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula 403 004 Goa, India
      Phone: 91-0832-2450 275, Fax: 01-0832-2450 602, URL: http://www.nio.org