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3Where Do You Find a Notary?

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  • jhseo36
    May 19, 2012

      There are a few directories out there that are great for finding a notary. However, generally, you can find a notary public at country offices. It also can be found in at any post offices or even registrar offices. 

       Before finding a notary, you need to know that a notary charges for a fee, which is a few dollars and is limited by state law. Now that you have that in mind, here are some of the places to call and visit to find a notary:   

      >Insurance Agency. These agencies deal

      with many legal documents on a daily basis, so there's a high probability that a notary is on their list of staff. Try calling your insurance company and ask for a notary.

      >Post Office. If you need to mail your

      documents, you can ask your local post office if they have a notary on the spot.

      >Public Library or Court House. If you

      happen to visit these public places, try asking for a public official in-charge of notary.

      >UPS Store. Your local UPS store is one

      of the easiest places to find a notary in this list. Almost every UPS owner is a notary. You need to call the store first to confirm if they offer notary services; and if they do, make sure to inquire if they are available by the time you go to the store. 

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