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Fwd: Details of the UK's Cult TV Festival 2006

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  • David Kaplan
    ... wrote: Here s details of an event that I hope will be of interest to many on here: 13th Annual Cult TV Festival, Hemsby, Great Yarmouth, UK,
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      Here's details of an event that I hope will be of interest to many
      on here:

      13th Annual Cult TV Festival, Hemsby, Great Yarmouth, UK, 20-23
      October 2006.

      The Cult TV Festival is a fan-run, multi-stream, charity event in
      aid of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) running
      from noon Friday to noon Monday over weekend of 20-23 October,
      taking place at the Seacroft Holiday Village, Hemsby, Great
      Yarmouth, UK.

      We cover a range of shows from sci-fi to comedy to drama to
      children's TV you may have grown up with from the last 50 years.
      Anything that can be considered to have a cult following, where the
      shows stay in your memories long after they were last shown, and
      perhaps now thanks to DVD technology you are able to now buy a whole
      season of something you never thought you'd get to see again. We
      cover more recent shows to that demand a repeat viewing.

      This year's Annual Cult TV Festival is 8 months away. So far we have
      announced our first 13 (of 25) guests.

      Check out our website at www.cult.tv.

      At the Festival there are many events happening at the same time and
      over the weekend, so you get to pick and choose what you want to do
      at any hour of the day. There will be fully researched guest
      interviews and Q&A sessions, workshops, autograph sessions, Friday
      night games, the Saturday night Cult TV Awards and Sunday Night star
      cabaret, episode screenings (including two dedicated 24 hour video
      rooms), a fan-orientated strand, quizzes, merchandise dealers,
      discussion groups, different themed parties each night, a free 36
      page event brochure etc.

      We're a very friendly event for all, we try to encourage our guests
      to socialise with attendees over the weekend. In the past guests
      have been known to stay up until 5am socialising in the bar; one
      guest (a certain Dirk Benedict) found the grand piano in the bar and
      then proceeded to play away on it for a couple of hours. Some have
      strutted their stuff on the dance floor in the disco.

      Full biographies of all guests are available at this link:

      Roughly working forwards in time guests announced so far this year

      * Jean Marsh *
      She has starred in Doctor Who from the 1960's and 1980's: 'The
      Crusade', 'The Daleks' Masterplan' & 'Battlefield'.
      Also co-creator of Upstairs, Downstairs (where she played Rose) from
      the 1970's and many other guest staring appearances.

      * Stefan Arngrim *
      Barry Lockridge (the kid) in the Irwin Allen tv series 'Land of the
      Giants'. This will age many of you as he recently turned 50. He has
      guest starred in many series and is also a very accomplished
      musician. He is returning to the UK for the first time in nearly a

      * Mike Trim *
      Designer and model maker on Gerry Anderson series Thunderbirds,
      Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe 90, UFO and Space 1999. He
      has been a freelance illustrator for many years and is perhaps best
      known for the Thunderchild artwork on the front cover of 'Jeff
      Wayne's Musical Version of War of the Worlds'

      * Antonio Fargas *
      Best known for having played Huggy Bear in 'Starsky & Hutch' (tv
      Many other TV, film and Broadway performances.

      * Johnny Byrne *
      Executive Story Editor and principal writer of 12 episodes of Space
      1999 season one. Writer of Doctor Who stories 'The Keeper of
      Traken', 'Arc of Infinity' and 'Warriors of the Deep'. Script
      Consultant and principal writer of 38 episodes of All Creatures
      Great and Small.

      * Brian Croucher *
      Best known as Travis (Mk.2) in Blake's 7 (one of the great British
      sci-fi shows from the 1970's). He was Borg in the Doctor Who
      story 'Robots of Death' in the Tom Baker era.

      * Herb Jefferson Jnr *
      Boomer in the original Battlestar Galactica.

      * Terry Molloy *
      Davros, creator of the Daleks, in three Doctor Who stories featuring
      starting from the Peter Davison era of the show.

      * John Schuck *
      A Klingon ambassador in both Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home and Star
      Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country. He has appeared in each of the
      last three Star Trek series, and guest starred in more TV series,
      films and stage musicals than I can possibly mention so check out
      his biography on our website. His appearance at the Festival is a UK
      exclusive for 2006.

      * Richard Wilson *
      Doctor Constantine in new 2005 series of Doctor Who in episodes 'The
      Empty Child' and 'The Doctor Dances'
      Victor Meldrew in the British sit-com 'One Foot In The Grave'.
      Richard has appeared in many other comedy series.

      * Ron B Moore *
      Emmy award winning special effects for Star Trek - Enterprise. He
      also worked on ST-TNG and Voyager. SFx supervisor on ST-Generations.

      * Jim Mortimore *
      Writer of numerous Dr Who books plays and short stories, composer /
      sound designer on a fair few Big Finish Dr Who audios
      (www.bigfinish.com). Read his biog at www.cult.tv. It's a hoot.

      * John Ainsworth *
      Producer, director and script-editor with Big Finish.
      We're very happy to have John with us again at Cult TV.

      As with events of this type, guests appear subject to work and
      personal commitments.

      The cost of the weekend is GBP99 (GBP89 until the end of March
      2006); full booking details including an online booking facility are
      at www.culttv.biz

      Accommodation is included on-site and there are four levels. Prices
      start from GBP79 per person for the 3 nights (i.e. less than GBP27 a
      night) and are on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis, so
      cheaper than you'll normally pay for B&B alone for most other events.

      If you live overseas why not come and join us this October and see
      what else the UK has to offer whilst you are here.

      Hope to see you all at Cult TV this October for will be yet another
      fun-packed weekend.

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