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74FROM THE MODERATOR CONCERNING Re: [On3photos] Unwanted messages to Group

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  • Darryl Huffman
    Oct 27, 2013
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      While the email shows the email is supposedly coming to you through the group it is not actually coming to you through the group.
      This is a common problem having to do with what is called a "trojan".
      Someone has the group's email address in their address book and they also have a "trojan".
      They also have your email address in their address book.
      What the trojan does is hide in the infected computer so the person has no idea the trojan is in his computer.
      The trojan then sends out emails to everyone in the infected computer's address book using another email address in that same address book as the "sender".  In this case that pretend "sender" uses the email address of this group.
      There is absolutely no way to stop this at this end.
      When you get any kind of screwball message you should "block" the sender using your email program.
      If you go the group's homepage you will see these emails are not in the archives.
      So the emails are not actually coming to you through the group itself but rather it is someone who has both your email address and the email address of the group in his infected email address book.
      So this is not a problem with the group at all.
      I use Yahoo's email program for all my emails and they have a very effective SPAM blocker that filters out almost all of this junk for me.
      I wish I could help you out with this problem but I can't.
      Leaving the group would not help either as the infected computer will still have the group email addres in it.
      Darryl Huffman
      451 N Evelyn Way
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      Sent: Saturday, October 26, 2013 8:49 PM
      Subject: [On3photos] Unwanted messages to Group

        As of late I have been getting messages addressed to our group or groups from individuals on the subject of "Your signature could Free Sarah". To messages with political implications about Ted Cruse.  Why are these things getting through.  They are worse than spam and they are getting through into the message sections?  The Cajun Curmudgeon