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70Steve's Books for Sale

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  • Steve
    Dec 13, 2012
      I just put photos in the photo section titled "Steve's Books" I'll delete the list after 12-31-2012 so I don't waste any space. The photos are of the ends of the books showing the titles. Thanks to Tim Mulina's suggestion I did it this way or there would be about 170 photos instead of 11. If you have any questions just e-mail me at smckee@... . All reasonable offers will be taken. I'm helping a friend thin things down who can use the funds. To find out what retail might be for any of these take a look at ABEBOOKS.COM . It's an internet sale site for books and they have cover shots of most any book I have looked up there. I'm not looking for full retail price just getting funds for my friend and passing a good deal on to you. I'll post them here first and several other Yahoo sites I'm on after the first of year. Steve