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1496RE: time period

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  • everettdegolyer
    Jan 13, 2014

      Two other comments to make:

      First, for guys, at least. Men dressed up more in the 1930's and 1940's than they do now. There were more middle-class guys wearing coats and ties--and hats!--than there are now.

      Second, for girl figures. If your manufacturing friend decides to go with the 1940's time period, they should consider good girls and good-time girls they can pitch for people modeling 1/48 scale armor and aircraft. (Perhaps this could be a separate set :-) )Admittedly, the 1/48 scale armor market isn't as large as that for 1/35th or 1/32nd scales, but it is there. Tamiya does make military figures for 1/48 scale, but they don't make civilians.

      Also, this particular forum isn't a great place to sample On30 opinions. You'd do well to ask the same question over at the On30 Conspiracy, assuming that you haven't polled those folks already.

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