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Good morning OmegaT users...

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  • suzume@mx82.tiki.ne.jp
    It is 8.12 am Tokyo time and my office is still freezing, but here, it is time to get back to work and the priority today is to set up the list and do some
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
      It is 8.12 am Tokyo time and my office is still freezing, but here, it
      is time to get back to work and the priority today is to set up the
      list and do some introductions.

      First, as Marc mentioned yesterday, he does not have upload rights.
      This is corrected. All members have all necessary access to all the
      features provided by yahoo groups. Including chat, database, calendar,
      bookmark, up/download etc. There is no moderation, but I suppose, as it
      happens to all groups, we'll be subject to spam attempts by subscribers
      so I am thinking of activating the "moderation for new users" sometimes
      when it becomes necessary.

      I am not extremely familiar with yahoo groups, and I'd rather have the
      whole stuff on a conventional "open sourced" server with monharc mail
      archives, perl wikis etc, but well, I am far from being a computer wiz
      so here we go with this yahoo thing.

      So, here, introductions. And if all subscribers could introduce
      themselves that would be nice too.

      I am Jean-Christophe Helary, a freelance translator (sometimes
      interpreter/french teacher etc) based in Kokubunji/Kagawa/Japan. I
      mainly work from Japanese, sometimes from English, rarely from French
      and I basically translate to French, English (more jobs) and Japanese
      (my wife, freelance as well, does the checking).

      I used to work with a text based debian install on a ibm old thinkpad
      until it broke down. I then resumed my mac activity. I work now with
      OSX, trying to get the darwin side to work (which include OOo) and
      found, since I started to use OmegaT (0.97 ?) that even JAVA, which is
      supposed to be "internationalized" had issues when it came to CJK
      character sets and multilinguism.

      Basically, until 1.3.5 (introduction of font selectors) I could not use
      OmegaT for Japanese/French projects since Java would restrict display
      to fonts that did not cover both character sets (even though OSX has
      plenty of unicode fonts). Besides, Java would choose the font not
      according to the text itself (content sniffing ?) but to the os

      As you may know, it is quite easy to change the locale on the fly in
      OSX, it is just a matter of preference setting and any application
      launched after the setting has changed is localized according to the
      selected locale. Hence, the possibility to have a french environment
      for an app, an english one for another and a japanese one for OmegaT,
      which forces Java to select japanese fonts (and eventually will wreck
      the French side display...)

      So, here comes 1.3.5, I can do marvels with it but then the version
      comes with an issue: impossibility to open projects "normally" at least
      on my platform. Discussions with Keith and Marc follow and here, 1.3.6
      is finally released. With a not to "cool" project opening function but
      at least it works.

      That's when Christmas come, and two months later, I find myself with
      huge jp-en ISO-9001 jobs, in word format, no way to display them
      properly in OOo, no time to look for info and here, I go to the
      computer shop, get my version of Word v.x (my old Office 98 refused to
      open any file) et voilĂ  !

      Soooo, already 8.38 pm, my ISO files are waiting for me and I need to
      conclude this already too long post.

      Marc sent me 1.3.7 last night. I will upload it in the next few
      minutes. I won't have time to check it until I am done with this job
      (3.10) but I encourage members to do so and send remarks here.

      My idea for this list is the following: not so much a "support" list
      stricto sensus, than an "information collector" kind of list. It looks
      like we have already a wide range of languages (let me guess: Italian,
      German, French, English, Japanese, what else ?) I suppose we are all
      active in your local OmegaT community, so here is the thing: we all
      send the bits of knowledge coming from our various communities to the
      list, and we try to make it a relatively coherent knowledge base (how
      do they call this in normal compulingo: FAQ ?) Everyone can now
      edit/activate all the functions of the group so it is just a matter of
      giving it a try.

      Ok, back to my ISO thing. Have all a nice day, but considering the time
      difference you're all probably going to bed. Waiting for news in about

      JC (8.50pm)
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