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32961OmegaT latest version 3.1.3 released

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  • Didier Briel
    Jul 11, 2014
      Dear All,

      OmegaT latest version 3.1.3 contains 12 enhancements and 4 bug fixes.

      When using alternative translations, it is now possible to not use the filename, which makes it possible to reuse the alternative translation across documents with different names.
      It is now also possible to RESNAME for alternative translations in the XLIFF filter.

      A new feature in the Go To menu allows going to the selected fuzzy match. Previously, this was only possible through a right click on a match.

      A new option in the search window allows showing the source file name for each search result.

      When creating a new project, project_save.tmx is created automatically. This makes it easier to do the initial creation of a team project.

      VLDdocking, the docking system, was updated to 3.0.4.

      Under Linux, the layout of omegat.kaptn was improved. The "Languages" and "Appearance" tabs are now merged into a single "GUI Settings" tab.

      In the Text filter, when using the line length limit, OmegaT tries to avoid putting a new line just after an opening bracket. An important bug was also corrected: some of the last lines of the target document could be lost.

      Untranslated segments were missing in target Java .properties and Mozilla DTDs.

      The Java Web Start version not more displays a warning about “mixed content”.

      The Italian and Interlingua localisations were updated, including full documentation for Interlingua.

      You can download the new version following the directions from
      for latest versions.

      Donations are welcome:

      Best regards,

      Didier Briel