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Re: Help in MemoQ Xliff files

Use Okapi plugin. Best regards, Dmitri Gabinski
Dmitri Gabinski
9:02 PM

Help in MemoQ Xliff files

Hi colleagues, Help. Just that. I can't figure out why my OmegaT is not opening my Xliff file from MemoQ... I already entered in the section File Filters, and
Danielle Steffen DeCruz-Sanchez
8:59 PM

Re: Customizing shortcuts

... You can get it from: http://sourceforge.net/p/omegat/svn/HEAD/tree/trunk/src/org/omegat/gui/main/MainMenuShortcuts.properties Jean-Christophe
Jean-Christophe Helary
4:15 PM

Re: Customizing shortcuts

Create the file in the user settings directory (depends on your OS). Best regards, Dmitri Gabinski
Dmitri Gabinski
11:21 AM

Customizing shortcuts

Hi there, I would like to create a shortcut for the Create Alternative Translation function, because I will need to use it for nearly every segment. I have a
Manuel Souto Pico
11:18 AM

Re: Complementary online services to use the translation memory, glo

Currently, there is nothing similar directly linked to OmegaT. An open-source TM repository system is (was) TuMatXa, whose web site is currently inoperative.
Marco Cevoli
3:58 AM

Complementary online services to use the translation memory, glossar

I want to know about online services on some web page (hosted on some servers or self hosted) that would allow a visitor to directly query the translation
Dominic Mayers
3:47 AM

Re: Thanks, and a question

... Another option is creating two separate projects on the network drive, copying or symlinking leveraged TMX's into both of them into respective /tm/ or
Kos Ivantsov
Aug 3

Re: Thanks, and a question

On 2015/08/01 07:38 AM, Philippe Tourigny ptourigny@... [OmegaT] ... Hmm, if this was me, then I'd do it the "old-fashioned" way, as follows: 1. Create a
Samuel Murray
Aug 2

Re: HTML pages not recognised by the standard filter

Hi Marco, I’ve opened an issue for this: https://bitbucket.org/okapiframework/omegat-plugin/issues/5 No idea when we’ll get to that though. Cheers, -yves
Yves Savourel
Aug 2

Re: Thanks, and a question

... Inside a private network, Tortoise SVN can act as a pseudo SVN server, which is good enough to use OmegaT's team project. ... With Tortoise, that should be
Didier Briel
Aug 1

File - 0_readme.txt

================================ Welcome to OmegaT @ Yahoogroups. ================================ ò Questions or suggestions regarding OmegaT, its
Aug 1

Re: Thanks, and a question

... I have no idea what is the level of automation on Windows 7 but considering your environment I would probably do something like that: 1) work independently
Jean-Christophe Helary
Jul 31

Thanks, and a question

I've been following this group for some time, and would like to thank the OmegaT team for giving us such an excellent application, as well as the contributors
Philippe Tourigny
Jul 31

Re: How to Select Machine Translation Match

Hi! I came here to ask the same question. So, thanks for the response. :)
Jul 31
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