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Re: Word count discrepancies Actually, there has been an attempt to put order into the word count chaos, the GMX standard, but, as far as I know, there are very few or no tools that made

Marco Cevoli
1:16 PM

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Re: Word count discrepancies ... The problem is that word counts by different tools that translators use are all different. It would be a little impractical to add a column for pseudo-MS

Samuel Murray
1:10 PM

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Re: Word count discrepancies Thanks Samuel, Your formula did the trick, I went from 1215 words to 861, the client had 856 words so that's perfect. Would it be OK to add this count in the

Briac Pilpré
12:55 PM

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Re: Word count discrepancies ... If I understand correctly, MS Word basically counts spaces and adds 1 for every end-of-paragraph (not quite, but it's close). According to MS Word, this is

Samuel Murray
12:23 PM

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Word count discrepancies Hi, A translation agency I work with uses OmegaT to estimate word counts in projects. They have a translation project for a catalog, and it includes a lot of

Briac Pilpré
9:20 AM

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Re: Esperanto dictionaries and glossaries Dear Dmitri, a source format of "dictonary" was XLS. Your advice to put DSL... I am able to convert XLS -> TXT -> StarDict. In StarDict-Editor I make two

8:25 AM

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Re: Esperanto dictionaries and glossaries For OmegaT, you don't need to compile anything, just put a DSL file to the dictionary directory. Or use GoldenDict, in this case you'll see some fancy

Dmitri Gabinski
6:56 AM

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OmegaT localization updates ? If you are working on OmegaT localizations, try to complete something by the end of the week and send it to me. Didier is working on a new version release, so

Jean-Christophe Helary
6:42 AM

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Re: Esperanto dictionaries and glossaries Thank you Dmitri, I found more dictionaries at http://lingvodics.com/dics/view/Esperanto http://lingvodics.com/dics/view/Esperanto There are many adds or links

6:21 AM

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Re: Conversion of docx files into .odt and back to .doc - help neede thanks for sharing, Kos ! I will consider getting me Kingsoft Office, haven't heard of this one before Yvonne Guenther

yvonne guenther
4:57 AM

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Re: Esperanto dictionaries and glossaries on linux, you may also convert the stardict format (*.ifo) to plain text dictionaries (*.dic) with the dictconv tool available in almost all repositories. Just

3:55 AM

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Re: Conversion of docx files into .odt and back to .doc - help neede I haven't seen this issue. I have no idea... I sometimes send a pdf exported from my odf, though, for similar reasons (mostly formatting). I HAVE MSOrifice

Anthony Baldwin
3:50 AM

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Re: Conversion of docx files into .odt and back to .doc - help neede Hi Yvonne, As to buying MS Office, one of the alternatives might be Kingsoft Office (free as beer, or USD65.95 for the version with VBA support, and it's

Kos Ivantsov
1:38 AM

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Conversion of docx files into .odt and back to .doc - help needed Hello Tony, I just read your post regarding Peter's issue. The proceeding as such works almost perfect for me, but the thing is...when I convert a document

yvonne guenther
11:59 PM

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Re: Getting started issue Marc, Got it, Situation understood & resolved Thanks very much All The Best, Peter On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 2:00 PM, Anthony Baldwin baldwinlinguas@... ...

Peter Beauclerk
2:52 PM
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