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mike azur
Aug 7, 2014

Parameters forOrion and Running Man Nebs with E510

Hello. I'm sorry for reviving this old topic. I have a question for Erwin if he's still on the forum or to anyone using MaximDL: What are the color settings
Aug 2, 2014

Re: Four Thirds vs Micro Four Thirds

Quite simply, no. The bayonets are different and no adaptor is made. Even if you were to get one engineered for you, the flange to sensor difference on Four
Ken Thomas
Jul 22, 2014

Four Thirds vs Micro Four Thirds

Hi everyone. I have a question. Will a Micro Four Thirds Lens or Adaptor fit onto a Normal Four Thirds mount? Thanks. Mike.
Jul 22, 2014

First Post: omd em10

Hi everyone, A question, I have the OMD EM10 camera which I want to attach to my scope about 20 meters from my study(warm room) and operate remotely using live
Jul 22, 2014

Maxim DL Color Conversion

Hello! My name is Julio and I am starting with widefield astrophotography. I have a question regarding Maxim DL 5 and color conversion. After loading the raw
Jul 22, 2014

Hi just joined the Olympus Astrophotography group

Hi, I just joined the group.  I bought an old olympus e1 and I have an orion reflector.  I have a t ring adapter also and a couple of free ware image stacker
Jul 22, 2014

Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor.

Ebay has lots of after market ones out of china for like 20 bucks, if you want the olympus original it will cost you much more Speaking of olympus is any one
Jim Yates
Nov 17, 2013

Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor.

Yes you can get them off ebay. I've used one successfully for a couple of years now.
Mark Venables
Nov 17, 2013

Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor.

Hi, I bought one on eBay for my E510 about 5 years ago. If you search eBay for something like "Olympus OM to 4 thirds lens adaptor" you'll find plenty, for
Aidan Keady
Nov 17, 2013

Re: Which Olympus to Modify with Peltier Cooling?

Hi, I have modified an E-PL3 for astrophotography. I have installed a clear Edmund Optic optical quality glass in the camera. I am hoping to test it soon. One
Nov 17, 2013

Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor.

... Try SRS Microsystems 90-92 The Parade, High Street, Watford, WD17 1AW. email: sales@... 01923 226602 or 220558 - Monday to Saturday 9am
Nov 17, 2013

Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor.

Hi. Oylmpus E300 owner from London. Does anyone know, where I can get the Oylmpus Adaptor that will accept Manual OM Lenes, onto the 4 thirds Body? Thanks
Nov 16, 2013

Re: Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex with the OMD EM5

Hello there, please show us the image you took!
bird flesh
Oct 11, 2013

E 520 on celestron Nexstar

Hello everybody, I am a newbie to astro photography and need some advise on what adaptors I need and how to fit them my E 520 can be used with my nexstar130.
Oct 11, 2013
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