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Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor. Ebay has lots of after market ones out of china for like 20 bucks, if you want the olympus original it will cost you much more Speaking of olympus is any one
Jim Yates
Nov 17, 2013
Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor. Yes you can get them off ebay. I've used one successfully for a couple of years now.
Mark Venables
Nov 17, 2013
Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor. Hi, I bought one on eBay for my E510 about 5 years ago. If you search eBay for something like "Olympus OM to 4 thirds lens adaptor" you'll find plenty, for
Aidan Keady
Nov 17, 2013
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Re: Which Olympus to Modify with Peltier Cooling? Hi, I have modified an E-PL3 for astrophotography. I have installed a clear Edmund Optic optical quality glass in the camera. I am hoping to test it soon. One
Nov 17, 2013
Re: Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor. ... Try SRS Microsystems 90-92 The Parade, High Street, Watford, WD17 1AW. email: sales@... 01923 226602 or 220558 - Monday to Saturday 9am
Nov 17, 2013
Oylmpus MF1 Adaptor. Hi. Oylmpus E300 owner from London. Does anyone know, where I can get the Oylmpus Adaptor that will accept Manual OM Lenes, onto the 4 thirds Body? Thanks
Nov 16, 2013
Re: Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex with the OMD EM5 Hello there, please show us the image you took!
bird flesh
Oct 11, 2013
E 520 on celestron Nexstar Hello everybody, I am a newbie to astro photography and need some advise on what adaptors I need and how to fit them my E 520 can be used with my nexstar130.
Oct 11, 2013
Beginner needs abvice I have a olympus E520 and a celestron nexstar 130. Can you please tell me what sort of adapter I need to start taking some astronomical photos.| With regards
Oct 11, 2013
Re: Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex with the OMD EM5 Please show us the image you took! --- In olympus_digital_slr_astrophotography@yahoogroups.com, wrote: I have just purchased an Olympus
Oct 11, 2013
Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex with the OMD EM5 I have just purchased an Olympus OM-D EM5 along with several prime lenses. In particular I was interested in the Olympus 75mm and Samyang 7.5mm full frame
Sep 13, 2013
Which Olympus to Modify with Peltier Cooling? I plan on modifying a 4/3 camera with Peltier cooling and was looking at some interesting features of the E-PM2 , E-PL5 and the more expensive Om-D . I'm
Sep 13, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands Yes. That was in the first post.
Aug 14, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands have you turned on the long exposure noise reduction from the camera menu?  that should eliminate noise bands ________________________________ From:
andreas soup
Aug 3, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands Thanks everyone. The deep space images look great. For the stacking of photos... that is not an option. I don't do deep space or images from telescopes or have
Aug 2, 2013
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Re: How do you expose? For my E410, which does not take an AC adapter, I bought a battery grip and extra battery BLS-1. With two batteries I can usually shoot for about 5 hours.
Aug 2, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands I took some astro photo by E-5 and E-420, u can as a reference. http://www.orange-chansir.net/wp-content/gallery/astronomy/20130403_001.jpg (this one by E-5)
Weng Fai
Jul 16, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands At present I am using an E620 and an EPM-2 Dont know which is best...all users will have their favourite Chris
Jul 16, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands The OM-D and all the new PEN cameras with the same sensor can work well at higher ISO settings but you can shoot fine with the E420 with a little work. That's
Jul 15, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands Thanks Chris. Yes I tried the black shots at different ISO and shutter speed amounts. Even at 400 there's to much noise to be able to keep any of the photos.
Jul 15, 2013
Re: E-420 noise bands ... Unfortunately it is common. If you wish to continue using the E420 I suggest some tests. Body cap on and different ISOs and different exposure times. then
Jul 10, 2013
E-420 noise bands Is this a common problem? Normally I use the E-420 for long exposure IR shots in bright light, but the past 3(and only) times I tried to do wide area astro
Jul 9, 2013
Re: How do you expose? I'm impressed by the intervalometer referenced here. However, I have another question. Since I'm interested in doing some time-lapse photography, is there an
Jul 6, 2013
Re: How do you expose? Thanks been looking for something like that just placed a order for one Rob  ________________________________ From: james.lowenthal To:
Robert Jones
Jun 18, 2013
Re: How do you expose? I do all my Olympus E410 astrophotos using an Opteka intervalometer to control the sequence of exposures. Very simple, inexpensive, effective. It plugs in
May 28, 2013
New photo album Hi Olympus astrophotographers, I've just added a new album of photos made over the last 1.5 years with my Olympus E410. I keep meaning to go back and tweak
May 28, 2013
Re: How do you expose? What is the ”device” you mentioned and where did you get it? Keith Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Keith Rawlings
Mar 23, 2013
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Re: How do you expose? I purchased an inexpensive device which connects to the usb port and allows setup of shutter , intervals between and number of exposures.  It's cheap but it
George Anderson
Mar 23, 2013
Re: How do you expose? From what little I know, I think that the many short exposures are for planets only. But I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'short'. I consider a 3
Mar 23, 2013
How do you expose? I'm just beginning research into astrophotography (i.e., learning about techniques, equipment, software, etc.) When I'm ready to get started it will be prime
Mar 23, 2013
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