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OTG What's New in March 2005

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hi everyone It s been a busy month. VOlunteer transcribers have been busy typing up databases for Olive Tree Genealogy, but I have only just begun to put them
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2005
      Hi everyone

      It's been a busy month. VOlunteer transcribers have been busy typing
      up databases for Olive Tree Genealogy, but I have only just begun to
      put them online.

      I also started a new mailing list for the surname BARHEIT. If you
      are a descendant of this name, you might want to join the list by
      sending a message
      to BARHEIT-L-request@... that contains the word


      and nothing else.

      Did I mention I took over the NY ORPHANGES mailing list? The list
      administrator left, it needed an admin, so..... I adopted it. I hate
      to see a list flounder! People can subscribe to the list in mail
      mode by sending a message to NY-ORPHANAGES-L-request@...
      that contains the word


      and nothing else.


      Today I uploaded the following ships passenger lists:

      Passenger List of Vicksburg, Liverpool to Quebec Canada 1875

      Passenger List of Koophandle, Antwerp Belgium to New York 1850

      Passenger List of Brig Planter, Amsterdam Holland to New Orleans
      Louisiana 1820

      I'm working away at the various databases and getting them online as
      fast as I can, but please be patient with me.


      I just finished putting newspaper clippings from Ramsgate Kent
      England newspapers from 1908 to 1922 online on my site.

      These English newspaper clippings were found in my grandmother's
      papers. Her mother Sarah Jane (Stead) Simpson lived in Ramsgate Kent
      England from her birth in 1862 to her death in 1952, and kept these
      clippings of births, deaths, marriages and memoriams from 1907 to
      1922 (with gaps).

      Some are Births, Marriages and Deaths of my English ancestors. I
      decided to type up all the clippings to share these genealogy
      announcements with others who are searching for their English

      Locations mentioned in these clippings include Australia, Ontario
      Canada and other parts of England.


      Scroll down to the link "Newspaper Clippings from Ramsgate
      Kent England 1907 - 1922" Enjoy!


      Ancestors At Rest at http://ancestorsatrest.com/

      Great site with lots of unique death records - coffin plates,
      funeral cards... plus the more standard obits and cemetery records.
      Here's what's new on Ancestors At Rest for last month

      More Detroit Obits online at
      http://www.ancestorsatrest.com/michigan.shtml They are from the
      1890s to the 1930s.

      Burials in
      Parish of Christ Church, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania
      1834 -1850 on line at
      Choose the link for Christ Church.

      Photos of graves in Wyebridge Presbyterian Cemetery in Wyebridge,
      Simcoe County, Ontario at

      More photos of graves in Lakeview Cemetery Midland, Simcoe Co Ont at

      Be sure to visit my WHAT'S NEW pages to see what else is new
      throughout each month. March is online at
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/free0305.shtml and a complete list of
      all months (with links) is at

      Happy Hunting, hope you find an ancestor or two!

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