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    Hello all Has it really been 3 weeks since my last newsletter? It s been a busy month for me - my volunteer transcribers have been working very hard and it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 17, 2005
      Hello all

      Has it really been 3 weeks since my last newsletter? It's been a
      busy month for me - my volunteer transcribers have been working very
      hard and it is all I can do to keep the files going to them and
      working on them when they are returned to me.

      You should start seeing the new records coming online starting next
      week (fingers crossed!) Here's a little sneak preview list of what
      is coming online in the next few months -

      --Return of Emigrants Landed at the Port of Kingston Canada, their
      destination, etc. 1862-1881
      --Baptisms at Deerpark (Machackemeck) NY 1700s
      --List of Irish Poor, 1860-1861
      --Ships Passenger Lists to Galveston, Texas
      --List of Crew and Passengers on Gloucester Shipwrecks

      The last 3 databases have already been started and are online on
      Olive Tree Genealogy. See
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/free1204.shtml and
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/free1004.shtml for links

      I have also been very busy completing a book that has been 4 years
      in the making!

      Here's what's new in this issue:

      1. New Book from Lorine
      2. More Death Records online
      3. Immigration Records for Boston Massachusetts

      1. New Book from Lorine

      My latest book "New Netherland Settlers: Willem Pieterse Van Slyke
      aka Willem Neef - A genealogy to five generations of the
      descendants of Willem Pieterse Van Slyke who settled in New
      Netherland (New York) in 1660" is finally ready!

      Cornelise' Antonissen Van Slyke's nephew Willem Pieterse Van Slyke
      and his descendants were briefly discussed in my first book on the
      Van Slyke family "The Van Slyke Family in America: A Genealogy of
      Cornelis Anotnissen Van Slyke,1604- 1676 and his Mohawk wife Ots-
      Toch, including the story of Jacques Hertel, 1603-1651, Father of
      Ots-Toch and Interpreter to Samuel de Champlain". In the years that
      followed, I realized it was time to give Willem a book of his own.

      Sometimes one event leads to another serendiptious finding.Such was
      the case with this book. During my four year research period on this
      book, I was researching other families for a planned series on New
      Netherland settlers. In-depth research on another family led me to
      an unexpected revelation of a family connection - one which affects
      Van Slyke and Barheit descendants.

      Other mysteries were solved along the way, and I hope that Van Slyke
      descendants are pleased with my findings.

      For more details and a description of the new book, please
      see http://olivetreegenealogy.com/nn/surnames/vslyke.shtml

      I would really appreciate it if you let other Van Slyke/Slyck
      cousins and friends know that the book is ready, as many of the
      emails I have are outdated.


      2. More Death Records online

      If you are looking for death records, Brian of AncestorsAtRest.com
      has the following new items:

      More Cross Creek Cemetery records in Washington County,

      and pick Cross Creek.

      Some Obituaries and Death Notices from various Detroit
      newspapers at

      More Coffin Plates for the U.S. and Canada on line in the last week


      3. Immigration Records for Boston Massachusetts

      My friend Steve Morse (of the Ellis Island One-Step Search Engine)
      writes to tell me

      "I just created some one-step tools for the Boston passenger
      records from 1891 to 1943. As with the other ports, I have three
      Boston tools -- one that searches for passengers, one that gives you
      direct access to the manifests, and one that allows you to find ship

      It's at http://stevemorse.org/ellis/bostfolder.html


      I hope you enjoy these records, and remember to check my Olive Tree
      Genealogy Blog for articles online to help guide you in your research


    • Olive Tree Genealogy
      Hello everyone We are in the middle of a bad winter storm so it s a good time for me to write this newsletter :-) Here s what has been added to Olive Tree
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 8, 2008
        Hello everyone

        We are in the middle of a bad winter storm so it's a good
        time for me to write this newsletter :-)

        Here's what has been added to Olive Tree Genealogy recently

        Ships Passenger Lists

        - Added The ship Delaware From Bristol to New England 1686

        - Added RMS Umbria List of Passengers Sailing on RMS Umbria
        from New York to Liverpool September 12 1903

        - Added Steamer Atlantic for Charleston Passenger List 2
        Nov 1857

        - Added Passengers Sailed on Steamer Augusta for Savannah
        Georgia 16 Nov 1857

        - Added Passengers Sailed on Steamer Thomas Swann for
        Savannah Georgia from New York 6 Nov 1857

        It is easiest to click on these ships lists from

        Ontario Land Records

        * Added graphic example of an Abstract Index to Deeds for
        Concession 4, Lot 12, Puslinch Township, Wellington County

        * Added graphic example of an Ontario Assessment Record for
        Puslinch Township Wellington County in 1844

        Jumping on the DNA bandwagon

        Yes, I joined the growing group of genealogists who are
        using DNA to further their research. You can read about my
        adventures and findings to date at


        This is a 2 line URL and probably can't be clicked on , so
        you can also start at
        http://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/articles/ and just click
        on the link found there

        I'm really excited about the findings. I had my brother
        donate his cheek swabs as I wanted to trace my father's
        paternal lineage. (a female DNA test can only go up her
        female lines, from her mother to her mother's mother and so

        Updated and added to Canadian BDM Births Marriages Deaths
        Exchange Birth Registration Submissions. You can get there
        from the index page at

        That's it for today - enjoy!

        -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze

        * Olive Tree Genealogy (Ships Passenger Lists)
        * Naturalization Records
        * Images of Ships Lists

        otg@... or olivetreegenealogy@...
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