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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 3 #16: This & That
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2004
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 3 #16: This & That

      Hi everyone

      I hope you have all had a chance to check out the databases that
      Ancestry.com opened for ships passenger lists. These are FREE, no
      credit cards required, nothing to buy. I found an ancestor myself,
      what a thrill to see the actual page of the manifest with his name
      on it.

      ** FREE Database Number One is the very popular New York
      Ships Passenger Lists 1851-1891.

      ** FREE Database Number Two is the Philadelphia Passenger &
      Immigration Lists 1800-1850

      The URL to get your free use of these passenger lists until Oct. 29
      is at



      I've also got a few URLs for you of websites I think are worth

      First is Ancestors At Rest at http://ancestorsatrest.com/

      This site has Coffin Plates, Funeral Cards, Cemetery Records,
      Cenotaph Records, Death Cards, Wills, Church Records, Family Bibles,
      Vital Records and more. You will also find links to Death Records
      and information on where to find records that are not online.


      Second noteworthy site is Steve Morse's One-Step Search Engines. He
      not only has Ellis Island he now has Castle Garden online for
      immigration records. Oh, and he also has a one-step search engine
      for Census Records too.


      Last but not least, Olive Tree Genealogy now has its own Blog.

      What's a Blog? Here's one definition:

      A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The
      activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a
      blog is a "blogger."

      You can read Olive Tree's Blog at

      I hope it will be a way for visitors to more easily find the free
      databases I have online. The Blog has short "articles" that tell you
      how to find information on your ancestors -- both offline and

      Olive Tree Blog also talks about current hot topics in genealogy -
      like One World Tree - is it a rip off or is it a serious and valid
      contribution to genealogy? (Click on the topic "One World Tree - The
      Real Story")

      Another topic you can click on is "I Found My Great Great
      Grandfather Online -- Now What!!???" " which explains how to figure
      out if the info you found on a webpage is trustworthy.

      I hope you like the Blog!

      Olive Tree Volunteers are also hard at work on the Irish Poor Lists,
      NY Naturalization Records, Ships Passenger Lists to Galveston Texas,
      JJ Cooke Shipping Records (Irish Ships to USA & Canada) and
      miscellaneous ships passenger lists to USA

      The start of some of these sets of free records is already online.

      JJ Cooke Shipping Records from Ireland to N. America, 1847-1871

      New York Naturalization Records 1834-1897

      Irish Poor Lists 1860-1862

      As always, please share these notes with anyone else you think might
      be interested.

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