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Updates of new databases

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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 3 #13: Updates of new databases *********************
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2004
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 3 #13: Updates of new databases


      Hi everyone,

      I have 4 new free sets of records online for all to use. The
      wonderful Olive Tree Genealogy volunteers make this possible,
      without them I couldn't get all these records transcribed. Here's
      what new since last newsletter:

      1. Index to Special Passport Applications, 1887-1894
      2. Pennsylvania Baggage Lists 1809
      3. Poor from England to Ireland 1860s
      4. New York Declarations of Intent
      5. Olive Tree Genealogy move

      1.Index to Special Passport Applications, 1887-1894

      This Olive Tree Genealogy project is an Index to Special
      Passport Applications issued in the USA between 1887 and

      Special passports were issued to US diplomatic and
      consular officers, military attaches, secretaries of
      legations, and other government officers and their

      I've just added surnames beginning with D, E, F, I, J, K,
      L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U and V to the existing
      database. Thanks goes to Peggy Broughton and "Glitz" for
      their hard work in transcribing these records, and to Laura
      Freeman for proof-reading them.

      Remember this is an index to the records -- full details
      are given online for obtaining the full record for any
      person you find of interest.

      The companion project is Index to Special Passport
      Applications 1829 - 1887 which is partially transcribed and
      online at

      or 1887-1894 at

      If you want to share this message with other genealogists
      or appropriate (on-topic) mailing lists, please do.

      2. Pennsylvania Baggage Lists

      I have just completed indexing 24 passenger lists from the
      Pennsylvania Baggage Lists of 1809.

      These contain the names of passengers who had to pay taxes
      on excess baggage. It does not contain the names of
      passengers who were exempt because their luggage was not
      over the limit.

      I decided to index all names, not just passenger names, but
      also the names of those shipping luggage or goods, and the
      names of those where the goods were being shipped.

      More will follow as I have time, or as volunteers are
      found to help.

      Here is the list of ships I just put online. All sailed to
      Philadelphia Pennsylvania

      1809 Jan 5 Brig Lamprey from Kingston Jamaica

      1809 Jan 5 Schooner Wanton from Jamaica

      1809 Jan. 30 Schooner Swift from Puerto Rico

      1809 Mar. 8 Ship Cordelia from Martinique

      1809 Mar. 11 Ship Union from Plymouth & Lorient

      1809 Mar. 24 Schooner Archibald from Puerto Rico

      1809 Apr. 11 Swedish Ship Abo from St. Bartholomews & Turks

      Island 1809 Apr. 18 Brig Jean from Liverpool

      1809 Apr.18 Ship Mary from London

      1809 Apr. 20 Swedish Schooner Maria from St. Thomas

      1809 Apr. 22 Ship Live Oak from Liverpool

      1809 Apr. 24 Brig Lovely Lass from Batavia

      1809 Apr. 29 Ship Ann & Hannah from Turks Island

      1809 Apr. 20 Brig Gustaf Ekerman from St. Bartholomew

      1809 May 2 Ship Edward & Charles from London

      1809 May 2 Schooner George & Susan from Nassau

      1809 May 2 Ship Recovery from Liverpool

      1809 May 3 Ship Diana from Liverpool

      1809 May 8 Brig Reindeer from Havana

      1809 May 9 Brig Palafos from Havana

      1809 May 9 Schooner Ranger from Puerto Rico

      1809 May 9 Schooner Five Sisters from Puerto Rico

      1809 May 10 Schooner Blanche from St. Bartholomew

      1809 May 10 Brig Ann from Liverpool

      Most of the ships also have the image of the manifest
      online too. I will be putting them all online as I have
      time, so if the one you want isn't there, just come back
      and check in a few days.

      You can get to the lists by going directly to the Baggage Lists
      for PA at

      This is another project of Olive Tree Genealogy to fill in
      the gaps, and one that I hope to carry on to 1820, which
      is when full passenger lists began to be archived and are
      available to us

      Enjoy! All data on Olive Tree is free for everyone to use,
      so if you like this new project, please spread the word to
      other researchers.

      3. Poor from England to Ireland 1860s

      Thanks to Laura Freeman, I've just added another database
      to my ongoing Almshouse Project

      It is a Return of Destitute Poor Removed from England to
      Ireland, from 1 December 1860 - 1 December 1862

      Included is the Port of Departure in England and the Port
      of Arrival in Ireland ; also the Number of Years each such
      person resided in England; and the Cause and Date of each


      An index to Almshouse records for New York can be found at
      http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/ships/#almshouse1819 (for
      1819-1840) and 1855-1858 at

      4. New York Declarations of Intent

      I just finished uploading the last surname files for
      Declarations of Intent, New York 1827-1895. These are from
      the Justice's Court, Albany, New York

      The entire index to Books 7 & 8 APRIL 1843-MAY 1850 is now
      online at http://naturalizationrecords.com/

      To go directly to the start of this index to Declarations
      of Intent, start at

      There are 7 reels of microfilm containing the Declarations
      of Intent. What Olive Tree Genealogy volunteers have typed
      up is an index to those Declarations, with page numbers to
      help you find the original. Instructions for viewing the
      original Declarations are given online

      To see the list of free online databases for New York
      Naturalization Records, start at


      Transcribers Dave Cazalet & Peggy Broughton deserve a huge
      thank you for their efforts, and Laura Freeman for proof-
      reading their work.

      5. Olive Tree Genealogy move

      I moved Olive Tree from one host server to another a few weeks ago,
      and all went well. Nothing was lost in the move and so far all links
      seem to be working fine. If you notice anything wrong as you browse
      the site, please drop me a line so I can take a look.

      Thanks and enjoy the new databases I have put online for you!

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