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  • olivetreegenealogy
    Hello everyone Today something very strange and a bit worrisome happened on Yahoo, where Olive Tree Newsletter is sent from. Many of you may have received a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2004
      Hello everyone

      Today something very strange and a bit worrisome happened on Yahoo,
      where Olive Tree Newsletter is sent from.

      Many of you may have received a message that looked as if it came
      from Olive Tree Newsletter. I received one too. BUT it was NOT sent
      from me!


      The headings looked like this

      Subj: [OliveTreeGenealogy] Re: 
      Date: 7/20/2004 7:40:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time
      From: otg@...

      There was an attached file.


      It appears that a virus/worm hit and started sending out messages
      from a faked (spoofed) address. This email was NOT from me, it was
      NOT from Olive Tree Genealogy and you should NOT open the attachment.

      What we must all do is take steps to protect ourselves from these
      nasty viruses and worms, and spoof emails that pretend to be from a
      legitimate person.

      First, in this case, you know it's not from me, as my Olive Tree
      Newsletter mailings show in the "from" line as "olivetreegenealogy"

      Second, I never send attachments.


      In general, you can protect yourself by making sure your virus
      programs are up to date.

      Bookmark this URL -- http://securityresponse.symantec.com/ so that
      you can easily check to see what the latest valid threats are, and
      how to recognize them.

      Don't open attachments from people you don't know

      Don't open attachments you aren't expecting

      Realize that viruses and worms are not sent maliciously by the person
      whose name is on that email. Most often they are not even infected.
      This appears to be a spoofed email.

      Here's a brief explanation of how spoofed email works:

      A mail spoofer connects (either directly or indirectly) to the victim
      mail server and begins to deliver mail normally. Once accepted by the
      Victim Mail Server, the mail spoofer provides a false (or sometimes
      blank ) MAIL FROM command to the mail server.

      The Victim Mail Server accepts the false MAIL FROM command and
      continues to accept delivery. At this point the mail spoofer provides
      a destination address (or addresses) and proceeds to the DATA portion
      of the email transaction

      In the DATA portion of the email transaction, the spoofer provides
      false FROM: information (which will be displayed in the email client
      of our victim).

      The spoofer may at this point continue with mail delivery as normal,
      delivering any number of negative payloads to the victim(s).

      Phew! It's kind of a long winded way of saying that some sleazy
      spammer or virus or worm can pretend to be someone else and send out
      emails as if they were from that person.

      It can hit anyone and there isn't too much the person being spoofed
      can do!

      I can reassure you that I am not infected, my virus scanner runs once
      a day on my whole computer, and my email is protected on every
      incoming email.

      I am sorry for the confusion and worry this might have caused, but I
      hope I've reassured you that the message wasn't from me, and I'm not
      infected with any viruses or worms.

      Remember, I don't send attachments as part of Olive Tree Newsletter,
      so if you get one, even though it may LOOK like it came from me, it

      My regular newsletter will be out sometime next week, hope everyone
      has great success in hunting for ancestors in the meantime

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