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June Databases & Changes on OTG

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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 3 #10: June Additions 1. Irish Ships Passenger Lists to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2004
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 3 #10: June Additions

      1. Irish Ships Passenger Lists to USA 1803
      2. JJ Cooke Shipping Records 1854 (Passenger Lists to PA, NB & Quebec)
      3. Changes in Ships Passenger Lists Section
      4. Kent Co. Ontario GenWeb
      5. Curiosity Corner
      6. Tips For Success

      1. Irish Ships to USA 1803

      I just uploaded 22 new ships to Olive Tree Genealogy pages.

      These ships sailed from Ireland to America in 1803 - the ports of
      arrival were in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania,South Carolina and

      The easiest way to search for an ancestor on one of these ships is to
      start at my SHIPS PASSENGER LISTS TO USA 1800-1805 index page.


      Look for the little Olive Tree buttons and click on any ship names
      you are interested in.

      You can also search by state of arrival, those indexes are found by
      clicking on the appropriate menu choice found on all pages of my
      SHIPS PASSENGER LISTS section which starts at

      Let the page load, then read the menu choices - there are LOTS of
      choices :-)

      As always, all records on Olive Tree Genealogy are free, so enjoy!

      Thanks goes to volunteers Laura Freeman and Glenda Meyer for their
      hard work on this project - and stay tuned because there are still a
      few more 1803 sailings to do, and all of 1804.

      2. JJ Cooke Shipping Records 1854

      I've just finished putting more ships online on Olive Tree Genealogy
      for the year 1854 from the J & J Cooke Shipping Agents Records.

      These are the Passenger Books of J & J Cooke, Shipping Agents with
      sailings from Londonderry to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Quebec, St.
      John, New Brunswick and New Orleans Louisiana from 1847 to 1871

      The index to the ships I have online so far from JJ Cooke Records is

      To go directly to the new ships, use the links below:

      Mauritius Ireland to Quebec 1854

      Mary Ann First Journey Ireland to St. John, New Brunwsick 1854

      Mary Ann Second Journey Ireland to St. John, New Brunwsick 1854

      These lists to Canada (above) help to fill in the pre-1865 unarchived
      years for Passenger Lists to Canada, so be sure to have a look if you
      think your ancestors may have gone that route. Many USA destined
      passengers sailed by way of a Canadian port as it was much cheaper.

      I also added the following ships to Pennsylvania, from the JJ Cooke
      Shipping Records:

      Superior Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1854

      Edward Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1854

      Garland Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1854

      Libuina Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1854

      Argentinus Ireland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1854

      3. Changes in Ships Passenger Lists Section

      I found time last week to make some big changes on my Ships Passenger
      Lists section. The navigation system is different now, and hopefully
      easier for you to use. Take your time and check it out, it requires
      more clicking through the website, but should be less confusing for

      I also created pages for

      Ships Passenger Lists to Quebec

      Ships Passenger Lists to New Brunswick


      Ships Passenger Lists to Nova Scotia

      4. Kent Co. GenWeb

      I'm the new host of Kent Co. GenWeb (part of Ontario GenWeb).

      I've just finished creating the new site and putting it online at


      I hope it's some help to everyone searching for their Kent Co.
      ancestors. If anyone knows of any other Kent Co. resources I've
      missed, please let me know at otg@...

      Don't miss the 309 name database I put online from the "Criminal
      Assize Clerk criminal indictment files, 1853-1929"

      The link is on the left side bar, about half-way down the

      There are also many names from the "Second Heir and Devisee
      Commission Case Files". The second Heir and Devisee Commission was
      responsible hearing and determining claims to land brought forward by
      the heirs, devisees, or assignees of original nominees.

      This database is organized by townships so either click on the link
      for TOWNSHIPS or the link for LAND RECORDS to get to these names.

      5. Curiosity Corner

      Curious what other sites I created and maintain? It's a long list!
      But here goes.....

      Olive Tree Genealogy

      Olive Tree Genealogy part II

      Naturalization Records USA & Canada

      Past Voices: Letters Home (collections of letters)

      Kent County Ontario GenWeb

      Town of Chesterfield, Cheshire Co. New Hampshire USGenWeb

      Town of Fitzwilliam, Cheshire Co. New Hampshire USGenWeb

      Town of Keene, Cheshire Co. New Hampshire USGenWeb

      Town of Marlborough, Cheshire Co. New Hampshire USGenWeb

      Town of Westmoreland, Cheshire Co. New Hampshire USGenWeb

      Family Branches (user-submitted family trees)

      Great War Homepage (WWI)

      The Canadian Military Heritage Project

      6. Tips For Success

      The secret to successful hunting on Olive Tree Genealogy pages is to
      slow down. :-)

      *** 3 Steps to Finding an Ancestor ***

      1. Let each page load completely BEFORE you click on a choice (link)

      2. Scroll DOWN each page, take a quick look to see what is offered
      BEFORE you click on a choice

      3. Start at the top again. Read the page! Don't just click on the
      first thing you see :-) I know how impatient and eager we all are to
      find that ancestor *but* if you click too fast you may not know what
      you are clicking on. S L O W down, it's a big site you can't see it
      all in one day.

      All databases on all my sites are F R E E. There is never a charge to
      view the thousands of databases you will find on Olive Tree or my
      other sites.


      Well, that's about it for this newsletter. I hope you enjoy the new
      databases and that you find an ancestor or two.

      If you like what you find, please pass any parts of this message on
      to any lists you think would be interested

      Happy Hunting!
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