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New databases (free) online and Tips for Rootsweb Mailing Lists

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 3 #3: New databases (free) online and some Tips In this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 3 #3: New databases (free) online and some Tips

      In this issue I want to talk about

      1. Tips for Rootsweb Mailing Lists
      2. Index to Declarations of intention, 1850-1856
      3. Naturalization Petitions Indexes 1834-1860
      4. Website space - fantastic!

      1. Tips for Rootsweb Mailing Lists

      Because of the recent problems with Rootsweb mailing lists, I thought
      the following might be helpful to many of you. I'm a List Admin of
      over 2 dozen lists, and the administrative duties have been a
      nightmare for the last week or so -- but even worse, many subscribers
      are not getting their beloved Rootsweb mail! AOL users are
      particularly hard hit by this.

      You may find that you are unsubbed from mailing lists because your
      list mail is being rejected by your ISP (meaning it won't accept, or
      can't accept, Rootsweb incoming mail). Rootsweb mailing lists are
      automatic and after a certain number of rejected emails, subscribers
      are removed by a robot.

      Once the problems are fixed, all you need do is subscribe to your
      favorite lists again.

      The Rootsweb HelpDesk posts current information on Rootsweb server
      status (webpages) and Mailing Lists.

      Please visit http://helpdesk.rootsweb.com/ to see the most recent
      issues and how Rootsweb is dealing with them. (Please bookmark this
      URL and use it whenever you have problems with mailing lists)

      Some ISPs (notably AOL) are blocking rootsweb temporarily or are
      to resolve rootsweb's new DNS - (technical stuff I won't bore you
      with) but Rootsweb is working with each ISP to solve the problems.

      Meantime, if your mail stops, you should visit the List Archives to
      read messages to the list (that way you won't miss anything!)

      You can get to any Rootsweb Mail List Archives by starting at
      http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/index/ and typing in the name of the
      list whose archives you want to read.

      You may want to bookmark the HelpDesk URL and refer to it any time
      you are experiencing problems with list mail.

      2. Index to Declarations of intention, 1850-1856

      Last week I uploaded the start of a brand-new project on

      This is an Index to Declarations of intention, 1850-1856 for New
      So far only A and B are online but as you can see, there were so many
      B names that I had to split them into 4 pages. There are almost 500 B
      names, and 94 A names online so far.

      Right now you can choose from Surnames beginning with A (94 names)


      B (in Book 9) (129 names)

      B (in Book 10) (129 names)

      B (in Book 11) (119 names)

      B (in Book 12) (121 names)

      Instructions are given on each page so that you can obtain the full
      record when you find an ancestor's name in this index.

      The rest of the names will follow as volunteers finish transcribing
      documents, so be sure and check back often. A big thank you goes to
      volunteer transcriber Karen Cundari who is working hard at getting
      these records typed up so all researchers can use them freely.

      The index to all FREE New York records online is at

      There are lots, my volunteers have been busy, so be sure and take a
      good look at what is online. Remember, let each page load completely,
      then take your time and read DOWN the page to see what is there.

      3. Naturalization Petitions Indexes 1834-1860

      I uploaded 8 more files to the Naturalization Petitions Indexes for
      New York 1834-1860 project on http://naturalizationrecords.com/usa/

      Thanks to volunteers Clinton Johnson, Liz Walmsley and
      Laura Freeman the following Surnames are now online:

      A Surnames

      B Surnames

      C Surnames

      T Surnames

      U Surnames

      V Surnames

      W Surnames

      Y Surnames

      Z Surnames

      *PLEASE* let each page completely, then scroll (read) down the page
      til you see the list of names.

      This project is an INDEX only, but a typical online record gives the
      following information:

      Book No.; Year ; Month & Day ; Surname ; First Name; Page No.

      Here's an example:

      10; 1842; Nov. 6; Viele; John; 52

      That means that on Nov. 6, 1842 John Viele's petition for
      naturalization will be found in Book 10, on page 52.

      I wrote out a brief explanation of how to find the full record, what
      film to order, etc, once you find an ancestor on the index. Those
      instructions are on every page of the database.

      All records on NaturalizationRecords.com are FREE for all to use, so

      Surnames will be added as volunteers finish typing them. It's a big
      job and they deserve a big 'thank you!" for working so hard to bring
      this FREE database online for all researchers to use.

      An index to other naturalization databases for NY can be found at

      NaturalizationRecords.com FREE databases for NY include the following:

      -Naturalization Petitions Indexes for New York 1834-1850 Index to
      Books 10, 11, 12

      -Naturalization Petitions Indexes for New York 1850-1860 Index to
      Books 13-21

      -Declarations of Intent, New York 1827-1895, Justice's Court, Albany,
      New York, Index to Book 2 & 3

      -Denization (Naturalization) of Palatines German refugees in England
      waiting to come to New York 1708

      - Rensselaer Naturalization Declarations 1853-1859

      - Kings' County Oath of Allegiance 1687

      There are many other OFFsite databases listed on this page for online
      records for New York - just scroll down, and read what is available,
      then use the link to get to it.

      4. Website space - fantastic!

      As many of you know, my old server where I kept my websites, sold my
      webspace to a new server in early December (without my okay) and the
      nightmares began. The new server didn't support my webpages. Their
      technical department was rude and non-helpful. My sites were offline
      or not working properly for several days.

      I finally found a new host (server space) and am thrilled with them.
      I thought I'd pass this along to anyone else who needs space for a
      website. They are affordable ($7.95/month!) and extremely helpful.
      Their gadgets and gizmos are fantastic. They rate in the top 3 for
      website hosting companies. Can you tell I'm pleased? :-)

      Anyone who wants to try them out (they have a 30 day money back
      guarantee) can do so by going to http://naturalizationrecords.com/
      and looking on the right hand side bar for the words "Need Space for
      your Website?". Click on the little button I put there for a direct
      link to the host I use now for all my websites.


      Hope you find an ancestor or two!
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