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Announcement re move of some of my sites

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #22: Hello everyone As I think I mentioned in my last
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2003
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #22:

      Hello everyone

      As I think I mentioned in my last newsletter, my website host has had
      problems recently which affected me and made my life much more
      difficult in every way!

      Because of their poor service and lack of attention, my website
      NaturalizationRecords at
      http://naturalizationrecords.com/ will be offline for a few

      I'm sorry I couldn't give advance notice but my host server
      was bought out, the new host has had serious problems --
      serious enough that 3 of my 4 websites aren't functioning
      -- and haven't been for several days.

      I've finally found a new (hopefully reliable) host, but it
      will take a few days for the website to show up again on
      the Internet. It's quite a bit of work to move them all and get them
      established on a new server. Like Arnold, the websites WILL be
      back :-)

      For those who haven't been there,
      http://naturalizationrecords.com/ began in January 2003
      and covers Naturalization Records in the USA & Canada

      Online (free) databases include passport applications early
      1800s, indexes to naturalization records, Declarations of
      Intent, Petitions for Naturalization, Almshouse records
      with dates of arrival, ship names, ports of departure and
      entry.. and more!

      At NaturalizationRecords.com you can search for your
      immigrant ancestors in online naturalization records. You
      can also learn where to find declarations of intent, first
      papers, alien registrations, passport applications,
      petitions of naturalization, certificates of citizenship

      Please be patient as I try to get the websites I lost up
      and running again. Another one affected by the takeover is
      Past Voices: Letters Home at http://pastvoices.com/

      This website too will be offline, probably for the rest of
      the week, so that I can have a bit of time to enjoy my son's
      homecoming on his Army leave.

      I will have all websites up and running as quickly as
      possible, there may be tiny glitches as I adjust to the new
      server and learn its ways, so if you notice any problems
      once the sites are back online -- please let me know

      Please feel free to pass this message on, and meantime, you
      can still enjoy my original site, Olive Tree Genealogy at
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/ (useful if you are hunting
      for ships passenger lists!)

      You can also visit http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/ , The
      Canadian Military Heritage Project at
      and Family Branches, an online community of Family Trees at


      Happy Holidays!
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