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V. 2 #18 Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian subscribers!

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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #18 Hi everyone, It s the Canadian Thanksgiving
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2003
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #18

      Hi everyone,

      It's the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I'm busy preparing one of
      our 'home-grown' turkeys for a family feast. I thought I'd take a few
      minutes to let everyone know what I've been up to on Olive Tree in
      the past month (has it really been that long since the last

      Following is a list of new files and fixes to old files, from
      September 6 to September 10. I hope you find an ancestor or two!


      1. Ships Uploaded Sept. 7
      2. Ships Uploaded Sept. 9
      3. Fixed Search Engine for Ships to New Orleans (added over 500
      4. Bargain Corner

      1. September 7: new ships lists added to Olive Tree Genealogy:

      Henry & Francis sailing 1685from Scotland to New England

      Submission sailing 1682 from Liverpool to New England

      York sailing with convicts from Newgate Prison, England to
      Maryland in 1739

      Thanks to volunteer transcriber Laura Freeman for these new
      ships! Laura is busy transcribing 10 other ships in this
      Miscellaneous category.

      2. September 9: Thanks to volunteer Laura Freeman, I've been able to
      the following passenger lists to Olive Tree Genealogy's
      free databases.

      The following ships are now online:

      First are 2 ships from Scotland to New York -

      Brig Commerce with passengers from Broad Albion, Perthshire, from
      Port Greenock Scotland to New York July 9, 1775


      Gale, of Whithaven, from Stranraer Scotland to New York
      May 16, 1774


      If you have Scottish ancestors you may want to check
      Scottish to USA pages at


      I've also added these ships from Ireland to New York:

      American ship Eagle from Belfast Ireland to New York. 6 April 1803


      List of Passengers on board the Ship Margaret, bound for New York
      from Ireland, 18 April 1803


      And ships from Ireland to Delaware & Pennsylvania:

      American Brig Neptune sailed for New Castle Delaware & Philadelphia
      Pennsylvania. From Warrenpoint Ireland 29 March 1803


      Ship Edward, Belfast Ireland to Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19 April


      If you have brick-wall Irish ancestors, you might also want
      to take a look at Irish to USA at


      3. September 10: Thanks to visitor Frank Gebhart, I have been able to
      fix a rather huge problem on Olive Tree Genealogy's custom search
      engine for searching passenger lists to New Orleans.

      This is a custom search engine I set up to search multiple
      websites (not just mine) for passenger lists to New

      Frank used that search engine but wrote to me to point out
      that it seemed impossible that only 10 BROWN names came up
      on a search of the 528 online ships.

      I usually have the spiders do their indexing of the search
      engines off-line, because an on-line indexing is time
      consuming for me.This time I had an on-line one done so I
      could watch, and get real-time error messages.

      Bingo! Culprit found, error message given, and the next
      task was for me to try to find a way around the problem.

      I found that over 300 ships were missed by the crawler. So
      that means visitors were really only searching about 200
      ships, not the 528 I listed.

      It took quite a while, but I have now fixed the problem
      (thanks Frank for your eagle eye!) and wanted to let
      everyone know that if you used the yellow framed search
      engine labelled "Search FREE Ships Passenger Lists to
      Louisiana" at


      in the last 6 months, you were not searching all 528 ships
      - so please go back and try your search again!

      It's about 3 screens down the page, right in the middle.

      Sorry for the confusion and if anyone got a negative result
      (no hits) on that search engine, please give it another
      try. Now all ships on it are working and being indexed just

      The joys of computers! :-)

      4. Bargain Corner

      I have no new bargains this month :-( For former bargains (still
      available) see http://olivetreegenealogy.com/freegenealogy.shtml
      I'll keep hunting for some free, or almost free, genealogy goodies
      for the next newsletter! Does everyone know about the Irish Famine
      Ship records online? http://www.famineshiprecords.com/

      That's it for this issue, I must get back to my turkey preparations.
      I think this year I'll 'cheat' and buy an Apple Pie from a local
      store and just make a Pumpkin Pie myself. Happy feasting for those
      who celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend.

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