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Passports, Ships Passenger Lists & New Project

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #17: 1. Saxony Roots & OTG Project 2. Passenger Lists
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2003
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #17:

      1. Saxony Roots & OTG Project
      2. Passenger Lists to New Orleans
      3. Corrections to Ships Passenger List
      4. Register of Passport Applications, Dec. 21 1810 - Oct. 7, 1817
      5. Bargain Corner

      Hi everyone - My soldier son is home on leave and I am enjoying his
      company so much that I neglected to send out a newsletter last week.

      There's lots going on with Olive Tree Genealogy - my volunteers are
      busier than ever, and so am I - we have lots of databases coming
      online sooon, so stay tuned!


      1. Saxony Roots & OTG Project

      Hello everyone

      I'm very excited about a new joint project that Olive Tree Genealogy
      and Saxony Roots have begun.

      OTG has many images of ships passenger lists from Germany which are
      gradually being put online at http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/ships/

      I don't have transcripts of the passenger names and all my volunteers
      are busy with other OTG projects. So Wolf Zscheile of
      www.saxonyroots.com/ has begun organizing his volunteers to
      transcribe these online OTG images!

      That means researchers will have the best of both worlds - the actual
      image of the list and the transcript. Saxony Roots will have the
      transcript on its site, while Olive Tree Genealogy will have the
      image and the transcript on its pages.

      Our first co-operative list is done and online. (Yay!!) It is the
      Ernst Moritz Arndt, sailing from Bremen to New Orleans Louisiana on
      29 Jan. 1861.

      See the images of the passenger list here

      and the transcript here


      Wolf and I look forward to bringing you many more of these free lists
      and images of ships sailing from Germany!

      2. Passenger Lists to New Orleans

      I've just finished uploading the following ships passenger lists to
      New Orleans Louisiana for the year 1861. These are images of the
      actual passenger list. They are free for all to use.

      Some lists are partially transcribed (lists of passenger names). The
      rest will be transcribed as I have time, or I find volunteers to help.

      You'll see that some of the images are very difficult to read. That
      is how the original looked, there's no better copy available. I had
      trouble deciphering some of the ship names; if you know my
      interpretation is incorrect, PLEASE let me know!

      Kate Dyler from Havre France 4 Feb. 1861 (passengers from Bavaria,
      France, USA, Switzerland, Germany and more) - partial transcript also


      Robert? Hex? from Tampico? 4 Feb. 1861 (passengers from Italy & USA)


      J. Manuelito from Tabasco 4 Feb. 1861 (passengers from Mexico) -
      transcript available


      Steamship Holino from Havana 4 Feb. 1861 (passengers were merchants
      from Spain and USA)


      unknown Steamship (I can't read the name) from Havana Cuba 30 Jan.


      E. M Arndt from Bremen Germany 29 Jan. 1861


      Teamaker from Vera Cruz Mexico 28 Jan. 1861 carrying passengers from
      Germany, France, Pennsylvania and other parts of USA [1 image]


      Ship Bentine of Boston from Rio de Janeiro on 28 Jan. 1861 [1 image]


      Bark Laura from Port au Prince, Haiti on 29 Jan. 1861 [4 images]


      Bark Alice Bovodo? from Bordeaux France on 1 Feb. 1861 [7 images]


      Ship Nactaiux from Newport Rhode Island on 4 Feb. 1861. Passengers
      from Bristol England [1 image]


      O. Thigen from Bremen on 4 Feb. 1861 [2 images]


      Ship Angelina from Liverpool on 6 Feb. 1861 [1 image plus passenger
      name transcription] Passengers from England, Scotland, Ireland &


      The index to more images of passenger lists is at


      3. Corrections to Ships Passenger List

      Thanks to David Asprey I've been able to make some corrections on the
      names of some of OTG's ships passenger lists online.

      These are images of the original lists, and many are very difficult
      to read. David kindly checked contemporary reports in the London
      shipping newspaper Lloyd's List of ship arrivals at New Orleans for
      the correct name of these ships

      I have changed the following:

      E. M. Arndt is Ernst Moritz Arndt, sailing from Bremen to New Orleans
      29 Jan 1861

      Bark Alice Bovado is Alice Provost sailing 1 Feb. 1861 Brodeaux
      France to New Orleans

      Ship Nactaiux is Ship Nictaux sailing Newport to New Orleans 4 Feb

      Ship Angelina is Ship Anglesea sailing Liverpool to New Orleans 6
      Feb. 1861

      I have also added a transcript of passenger names for the ship
      Annapolis, sailing from Liverpool to Maryland on 20 May 1851. The
      transcript (again, thanks to David Asprey for his work in doing
      this!) and the original images of the ships manifest can be found at

      4. Register of Passport Applications, Dec. 21 1810 - Oct. 7, 1817

      New files have been added to the Register of Passport Applications,
      Dec. 21 1810 - Oct. 7, 1817 (although the official film title was Dec
      21, 1810, there are earlier records for 1809 with this database)

      These are passport applications for individuals living in all states
      in the USA. They include such details as age, height, distinguishing
      marks, who has vouched for them, where they live, and more. Not all
      applications have the same detail.

      One example of the kind of detail given is the passport application
      for 1815 May 1 for William Laird son of John Laird, His age is 15,
      he is 5' 5" tall with light hair and freckles. :-) Some individuals
      have their military service mentioned.

      Thanks to volunteer transcriber Cindy Gray, I have been able to add
      the following years to this database:





      This adds to the existing years of 1809 and 1810. There are no
      records for 1813. 1816 and 1817 will follow as Cindy and I complete

      To see the full record you can consult the microfilm number which is
      given on every page.

      These records are free for all to use. Click on the URLs given, let
      the page load completely, then scroll down to view the names and film
      details plus source.

      5. Bargain Corner

      I looked for a great bargain for everyone for this issue, but
      couldn't find anything new that was FREE or ALMOST FREE (except for
      what I have listed online on my "Freebies" page at
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/freegenealogy.shtml )

      I did find something that might be of interest to some of you. It's
      called People Finder, and it's a great way to find old High School
      buddies, or Army pals, or a long lost love (remember your first

      If you're looking for someone (even a distant family member) I've set
      up a search engine at http://olivetreegenealogy.com/index1.shtml -
      look down the page (3 screens down) to the search box labelled PEOPLE
      FINDER. You can look at the indexed results of a search for free but
      remember, you do have to pay a small fee to get the detailed report
      on anyone of interest.

      Well, that's it for this issue, I hope everyone had a terrific Labour
      Day weekend last week!

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