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Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter V. 2 #13

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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #13: 1. The Unindexed New York Years (1847-1896) 2.
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      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #13:
      1. The Unindexed New York Years (1847-1896)
      2. New York Times Ship Arrivals 1851
      3. New Mailing Lists & Message Boards

      1. The Unindexed New York Years (1847-1896)

      I'm really happy to announce that I've added 9 more ships passenger
      lists to Olive Tree Genealogy's ongoing project "The Unindexed New
      York Years (1847-1896)"

      These lists are *images* of the actual passenger lists. They are not
      transcribed in text version so they aren't searchable. You must
      browse through each image (the old fashioned way <g>)

      Many of these lists are quite detailed with column headings of Name;
      Birthplace; Age; Last Place of Settlement; Allegiance; Occupation.

      The new lists are:

      Hudson, Glasgow to New York Dec. 23, 1850

      Amerika, Germany to New York Jan. 2, 1851

      Melrose, St. Michaels to New York Jan. 2, 1851

      Baltic, Liverpool to New York Jan 2 1851

      Augustina, Bolivia? to New York Jan. 3, 1851

      South Carolina, Baltimore? to New York Jan. 4, 1851

      Georgia, Chagres to New York Jan. 9, 1851 - carried passengers from
      California, New Orleans, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Havana, Michigan,
      England and France

      Margaret Evans, London to New York, Aug. 1, 1851

      Frederick, Bremen to New YOrk Dec. 23, 1851

      The index to the project, "The Unindexed New York Years (1847-1896)",
      with other ships passenger lists previously uploaded is at

      You can also get to these ships by going in to Olive Tree's Directory
      of Links to Ships to New York 1850-1874 at
      http://olivetreegenealogy.com/ships/tousa_ny185074.shtml or by
      choosing the Directory of Links to Ships to USA (all states) for 1850-
      1851 at

      2. New York Times Ship Arrivals 1851

      Continuing with Olive Tree Genealogy's project to extract passenger
      names from the NY Times, and with thanks to the continued efforts of
      transcriber Diane McClay, I've added
      the following ships lists:

      1851 NY Times Sept. 18

      Benj. L. Swan, St. Croix to NY
      Laura Jane, St Marks to NY
      Isabella, Bordeaux to NY

      1851 NY Times Sept 19

      Cornelia, Smyrna to NY
      Baltimore, Havre to NY
      Malabar, Dublin Ireland to NY
      City of Richmond, Norfolk VA to NY

      1851 NY Times Sept. 20

      Emily, Charleston to NY
      Isaac Webb, Liverpool to NY
      John Colby, Ponce to NY

      Remember, these are only *partial* lists of passenger names. They
      have been taken from the Ship Arrivals notices in the NY Times under
      dates shown above.

      The index to 1851 is at

      The index to the project begins at

      3. New Mailing Lists & Message Boards
      I'm the List Admin for more mailing lists and Message Boards.

      GENTIPS MAILING LIST - This list hopes to provide tips about
      obtaining genealogy records and is useful for both beginning
      genealogists and experts. No geographical boundaries apply

      CAN-ONT-PERTH MAILING LIST is for genealogy and history of Perth
      County, Ontario

      GREENLEES MAILING LIST is for the surname GREENLEES anywhere,
      anytime. There is also a GREENLEES Message Board.

      Please visit http://olivetreegenealogy.com/lists/maillists.shtml to
      see all the lists I administer, and to subscribe to any of interest.

      Enjoy! If you want to pass this message on to others, please do:-)

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