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Olive Tree updates and new additions on webpage

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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #12: 1. Index to Special Passport Applications USA
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2003
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #12:
      1. Index to Special Passport Applications USA 1829 to 1887
      2. Irish in Quebec: Census Records
      3. Declarations of Intent, New York, 1827-1895 for Books 2 & 3
      4. Missouri Newspaper Transcriptions
      1. Index to Special Passport Applications USA 1829 to 1887

      I've just uploaded Surnames C, D, E, F & G to the online "Index to
      Special Passport Applications USA 1829 to 1887" on
      NaturalizationRecords.com website at


      Passports were granted to citizens of the United States going to
      foreign countries. Passports were granted to those satisified the
      requirement that they be "entitled to receive them"

      Special passports were issued to US diplomatic and consular officers,
      military attaches, secretaries of legations, and other government
      officers and their families

      A big thank you to volunteer transcriber Cindy Lewis for her
      continued hard work on this Passport Project. As well as the
      surnames added today, Surnames A & B are online for all to use
      freely. I will be adding new surname letters as they are ready to go

      You can begin your search at Surnames A at

      Let the page load, then scroll down to see the list of names. Be sure
      to read the intro so you know how to get the full record! Near the
      bottom is a menu to follow for choosing the other surname letters

      The index to all my passport records online starts at


      Scroll down to the text that begins "Online Passport Records" I have
      many passport applications and registers, some are online, others
      still need volunteer transcribers:

      Register of Passports from 14 November 1834 to 1843 an Index for all
      states in USA [NEW!]

      Index to Special Passports 1872-1882 [needs a transcriber]

      Register of Passport Applications 1809-1817 [NEW!]

      Index to Passports 1830-1831 [needs a transcriber]

      Index to Passports 1850-1852 [needs a transcriber]
      2. Irish in Quebec, Census Records

      Thanks to Janice Copeman, Olive Tree Genealogy now has a new set of
      records online.

      These are census records for Quebec from 1825 to 1861. Janice has
      extracted the names of Irish families for 1861,but the earlier
      records contain all ethnic groups.

      Quebec was formerly known as Canada East and Lower Canada,so you may
      see reference to those terms.

      If you have ancestors who came to Quebec then went on to other areas,
      you may find reference to them in these records. Many immigrants to
      USA for example, came in by way of Canada (often to Quebec) as it
      was much cheaper than sailing directly to an American port.

      I uploaded 1825, 1831 and part of 1861.I still have 1851 for St.
      Gabriel and St. Catharines as well as 1861 St. Gabriel to do. As a
      little extra, Janice has transcribed the 1912 Tax Assessments for
      Valcartier, so that will go online with the next group of records.

      These are the direct links to get to each census. Remember to let
      each page load completely, then start looking down the page til you
      see the names.

      The index to Quebec records online at Olive Tree Genealogy is at

      The little tree logo mark Olive Tree's free databases.

      1825 Census of Valcartier, County of Quebec

      1825 Census - County of Hampshire; Parish of Ste.Catherine de
      Fossambault; Village of St. Patrick

      1831 Census - Quebec (Lower Canada) - Ste. Catherines,County Portneuf


      (1,244 names)

      3. Declarations of Intent, New York, 1827-1895 for Books 2 & 3

      Big announcement - the Index to Declarations of Intent, New York,
      1827-1895 for Books 2 & 3, is finally complete and online! There are
      almost 1,900 names in this one set of records, you may find an
      ancestor without even trying :-)

      Thanks to volunteer Donna Jackson, who has been working on this
      project with me since January, we now have all surnames online for
      the time period May 1832-Apr. 1837.

      Surnames "A" can be found here:


      Hint: Let the page load. Scroll DOWN to read the intro and the list
      of all A surnames. Underneath the table of "A" surnames are the
      choices of all other surname letters.

      Here is a typical entry on the page (URL given above)

      Surname; First Name; Page; Date; Remarks
      Agar; Jeremiah; 40; Oct. 11 1832
      Alley; Michael; 185; Nov. 1 1832
      Allen; Robert; 278; Nov. 6, 1832; naturalized same day

      ** Important note: This set of records are *NOT* the same as
      Naturalization Records indexes 1821-1991 online at AlbanyCounty.com)**

      Robin Tweed, another wonderful volunteer, is working on the next set
      of records, Books 4,5 & 6. These cover the time period Apr. 1837-Apr.
      1843. I have Surname A, and part of C online for this database, but
      keep watching my pages for the rest. They will be uploaded as Robin
      transcribes them and I code them for public viewing.

      "A" surnames for 1837-1843 are found at

      Let the page load, then scroll down to see the list of names. As
      always on Olive Tree Genealogy and its sister sites, ALL records are
      FREE to use.

      4. Missouri Newspaper Transcriptions

      Eight new Missouri Newspaper files have been uploaded to the ongoing
      project called "Charlotte's Pearls" Charlotte M. Maness has shared
      her "Pearls" (extracts from Missouri newspapers) on the ROOTS-L
      Mailing List. With her permission, they are being placed online on my
      USA Genealogy pages, for all researchers to use and enjoy freely.
      Please note that these extracts are the property of Charlotte and may
      not be redistributed, sold or published elsewhere without her written

      The new files are from The Jefferson Democrat
      1877 - Jan, Feb, March, Apr, Aug, Sept and 1876 - Jan


      For an index and complete list of all Missouri Newspapers on Olive
      Tree's sister site, please see

      The earliest newspaper begins in 1866, the most recent in 1899.

      Have fun, and I hope you find an ancestor or two! Meantime, there are
      a few free genealogy items that may interest you at

      There are some very intriguing Free Trials to Subscription services
      that normally are pay-to-view. I took the US Census Collection 14 Day
      Free Trial Subscription on Genealogy.com and was thrilled! With that
      I got access to the 1900 census (not available anywhere else) and was
      able to search for many ancestor names. (I ended up buying a
      subscription when my Free Trial was over, there was just too much
      good detail there to pass it up)

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