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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #9: New uploads *~*~*~*~*~* Hi everyone, Here are the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2003
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the
      roots and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #9: New uploads

      Hi everyone,

      Here are the list of new 'goodies' on Olive Tree Genealogy and its
      sister sites. My volunteers have been hard at work (a big thank you
      to all of them!) and the following have been uploaded. Remember that
      ALL records on Olive Tree and its sister sites are FREE for all to

      I'm working on a Site Map to help researchers navigate my pages (over
      1,700 on OTG alone!!) but that's a big job so it won't be ready for a
      week or two. Meantime, remember the 4 Steps to Successful Searching
      on OTG are

      1. Let each page load completely before you do anything

      2. Scroll DOWN the entire page (several screens long sometimes)

      3. READ the choices on that page before you make your next mouse click

      4. Be sure you are still ON my site by checking the URL in your
      browser window.

      PASSPORT RECORDS, USA 1809-1887

      I have recently put the following Passport records online on

      Passport applications are often a valuable source of genealogical
      information. NARA has passport applications from October 1795-March
      1925. The U. S. Department of State has passport applications from
      April 1925 to the present.

      Some immigrants applied for passports to return home to visit family
      or friends. These records usually give a place of birth or at least
      the destination (which is often the home town)

      The first passport issued in USA was dated July 1796.

      My first new database is an Index to Special Passports 1829-1887.
      This is for all states.


      Next is an Index to the Register of Passport Applications 1809-1817
      for all states, found at


      At present 1809 and 1810 are online, the remaining years will follow
      as quickly as Cindy G and I get them transcribed.

      I have also added new surnames beginning with G, H and L to the
      existing Register of Passports 1834-1843 at
      These are for all states.

      G Surnames are at

      H Surnames are at

      L Surnames are at

      Surnames A to F were already online, and the rest will follow as
      quickly as they are transcribed.

      All records on NaturalizationRecords.com are FREE to use, please let
      each page load completely then scroll down to find the names.

      The index to Passport Records and an explanation of Passport Records
      as a research tool is at



      Thanks to Pat Connors, there is a new database online at

      This database is a list of all Irish-born individuals found in the
      Naturalization Declarations of 1853-1859 in Rensselaer County NY
      Justice Court

      So far 1853 and 1854 are online, the rest will follow

      1853 Naturalizations

      1854 Naturalizations

      A typical record has the following information: name, age,county in
      Ireland where born, city where person left from,date of arrival in
      USA, place of residence, date of declaration.

      While these names are from declarations filed in Rensselaer Co
      Justice Court, they are not just from Rensselaer county. So the
      following places of residence havebeen found: Troy, Saratoga Co.,
      Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Co., West Troy, Washington Co., Albany Co.,
      Bennington VT, Brunswick, Hoosick, Massachusetts, Williamsport PA,
      New York City, Green Co., Rockland Co, Schenectady Co, Williamtown MA
      and Warren RI.

      Pat has done a lot of work on this, and it should help a lot of
      researchers find an ancestor.

      For a Directory of all Online Naturalization Records for New York, see



      SHIPS PASSENGER LISTS to Canada 1800s

      Following are the ships passenger lists online 1800-1900:

      Officers, Seamen and Marines of His Majesty's Fleet in 1814 Those
      killed and wounded at Oswego on Lake Ontario

      Duchfour 1836 Ireland to Quebec Canada

      Collingwood 1847 Ireland to Quebec

      Sesosthis 1847 Ireland to Quebec

      Helen Thompson 1847 Ireland to Quebec Canada

      Charles Napier 1847 Ireland to St. John New


      Marchioness 1847 Ireland to St. John New

      Progress 1847 Ireland to St. John New

      Argentinus 1859 Ireland to Quebec

      Nubia 1861 Ireland to Quebec

      Elizabeth 1861 Ireland to St John New

      Elizabeth 1863 Ireland to New Brunswick

      ubia 1863 Ireland to New Brunswick

      Nubia 1863 Ireland to Quebec

      Numidian 1895 Liverpool to Quebec


      I've updated my existing set of NY Naturalization Records
      at http://naturalizationrecords.com/

      I've been working on Declarations of Intent in New York 1827-1895,
      from the Justice's Court, Albany, New York

      Please note that this is *not* the same database that is already
      online for Naturalization Records indexes 1821-1991 from the Albany
      County Hall of Records [http://www.AlbanyCounty.com]

      Thanks to a volunteer, Donna J., the Index to Book 2 & 3 is being put

      For now, you can search the index to Surnames for years 1832-1836 for
      Surnames beginning with the letters

      [A][B][C][D][E][F][G][K][L][N][O][R] More surnames are being
      added as fast as Donna and I can get them done.

      The records start with Surnames "A" at


      You can pass this message on to anyone you think might be interested,
      and if you find an ancestor on any of my projects please let me know!

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