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Ships to NY in the unindexed years now online

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #5: Those Unindexed New York Years for Ships
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2003
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the
      roots and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #5: Those Unindexed New York Years for Ships Passenger Lists


      Hi everyone

      I've just added another 7 passenger lists for ships arriving
      in New York during the unindexed NY years. There is a CD ROM
      for NY arrivals 1820-1850, but there is no index on
      microfilm from 1847-1896

      I'm concentrating on 1850 and 1851 but I have a few ships in
      other unindexed years too (1848, 1871, and 1873 so far)

      These are images of the actual passenger lists, they are
      *not* transcribed elsewhere on Olive Tree.

      Today I uploaded the following:

      Ariel 1851 Jan. 3 Sierra Leona to New York (carried American

      Isla de Cuba 1851 Jan. 3 Havana Cuba to New York

      Harriet 1851 Feb 24 Sabinilla to New York (carried American

      General Briggs 1851 Feb 24 Me…? to New York (I can't read
      the port of departure, but this ship carried German

      John French 1851 Feb 24 Sabinilla to New York (carried
      American passengers)

      London 1851 April London to New York (carried a variety of

      Ivanhoe 1851 Jan. 2 Liverpool to New York (carried mostly
      Irish, some English passengers)

      The index to this ongoing project and other ships uploaded
      since December can be found at


      Good luck in your search!

      New York Almshouse Records (covers wide geographic area!)

      I have just uploaded new records for NY City Almshouse for
      1826 and 1827. This adds to the existing records on Olive
      Tree Genealogy for 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1855,
      1856, 1857 and 1858. When this project is finished the
      records will be complete from 1819-1844 and 1855-1858

      In the early 1800's port cities in the USA bore the burden
      of immigration. By the time they arrived, so many immigrants
      were tired, hungry and poor they ended up in the City

      As far back as the colonial era, New York City assumed
      responsibility for its citizens who were destitute, sick,
      homeless, or otherwise unable to care for themselves. The
      city maintained an almshouse, various hospitals, and a
      workhouse on Blackwell's Island (now called Roosevelt
      Island) for the poor.

      Part of the information taken Almshouse clerks was the place
      of birth of each person, the name of the ship they arrived
      on and where the ship sailed from. Using this online (free)
      database will allow you to find individuals from many
      countries and many states within USA.

      There are 180 individuals listed in the 1826 Alms House
      Registers, along with the following ships they sailed on:

      Albion ,Ann ,Ann Marie ,Atlantic ,Baltic ,Barcelona
      ,Bimmahome? ,Boston ,Bowditch ,Camillons ,Carolina Ann
      ,Catherine ,Chesapeake ,Cincinnatus ,Combine ,Comhand?
      ,Compeer ,Constitution ,Courier ,Cuba ,Danube ,Diana ,Dublin
      Packet ,Edward Bonasse ,Eliza Barker ,Elizabeth ,Fame
      ,Farmer? ,Francis Henrietta ,Ganess ,Ganges ,General Putnam
      ,Gulorace? Gulosase? ,Henry ,Hibernian ,Howard ,Hunter
      ,Huskinson ,Isaac [illegible] ,James Cegzar ,John &
      Elizabeth ,John & James ,Lady Hunter ,Laurel ,Leonidas ,Lord
      Strangford ,Louisa ,Maine ,Margaret ,Orizambo ,Panther
      ,Phoenix ,Plutarch ,Remittance ,Reunion ,Richmond ,Sabina
      ,Salidas ,Silas Richmond ,Splendid ,Superior ,Sylvester
      Haley ,Thames ,Thompson ,Tontine ,Two Mary's ,United States
      ,Virginia ,William ,Wilson ,Zenophon

      Of the 180 individuals listed, 125 were from Ireland.



      There are 270 individuals listed with the following ship
      names in the 1827 Alms House Admission Records:

      Albion , Alicia , Amelia , American , Ann Marie , Atlantic ,
      Aurora , Baltic , Blakely , Borneo , Brighton , Brittania ,
      Candis , Carleton , Carolina Ann , Clover , Compeer ,
      Concordia , Constitution , Cortes , Courier , Curlew ,
      Dalhousie Castle , Dancer , Danish Iris , Diana , Dublin
      Packet , Edward , Edward Bonasse , Eliza , Eliza Baker ,
      Emulous , Fame , Fenwick , Francis Henrietta , Franklin ,
      Ganges , Garland , Gen. Putnam , Gentile , George Clinton ,
      Gridley , Hamilton , Hector , Henrietta , Henry Freeland?
      Kneeland? , Holbert , Hope & Easter , Hudson , Hunter ,
      India , Ivory , James & Margaret , Java , Jno (John) &
      Elizabeth , John Adams , Jubilee , Lady Henrietta ,Lady
      Hunter , Lady Wellington , Lark , Leeds , Liverpool , Lord
      Wellington , Louisa , Lydia , Maine , Manchester , Margaret
      Boyle , Martha , Mary , Mary Howland , Meteor , Michaels ,
      Nelson? Wilson? , New England , New Hampshire , New Orleans
      , Newry , Peru , Plutarch , Princess Charlotte , Robert
      Edwards , Robert Fulton , Roman , Sarah George , Silvanus
      Genkins , St Michael , St. Croix , St. Nichady , Thomas ,
      Thomas & William , Thompson , Torn? Tom? , Traveler ,
      Trident , Trio , Union , Venus , Virginia , Westmoreland ,
      William , William & George , William Byrnes , William Dawson
      , Wilson , Wm. H. Pantheon?


      Of the 270 individuals listed, 201 were from Ireland.


      Places of birth for these years were "at sea", Canada,
      England, France, Germany, Glascow, Ireland, Liverpool,
      London, Long Island, Massachusetts, New York, Newry, Quebec,
      Sag Harbour, Scotland, St Johns NB, Switzerland, Virginia
      and Wales

      Ports of departure were Belfast, Bremen ,Cork, Dublin,
      Dundee, Easport, Galway, Greenock, Halifax NS, Havre
      ,Jamaica ,Liverpool ,London ,Londonderry ,Marseilles ,
      New Castle, New Haven, Newry, Porto Cabello, Savannah,
      Sligo, Richmond ,Rotterdam ,Sligo ,Newfoundland ,St. Johns


      Feel free to pass these messages on to anyone you think might be
      interested. It's very exciting to be working on these databases and
      getting them online. Remember - ALL records and databases on Olive
      Tree or any of its sister sites are FREE for all to enjoy!

      Please take your time to look around - let each page load completely
      before you start reading. Be sure to read what is on each page. Then
      (and only then) start clicking around. OTG free databases are marked
      with a little Olive Tree logo.

      I hope everyone is successful and finds an ancestor or two!

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