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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 2 #4: Alien Registrations *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ New on
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2003
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      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the
      roots and branches of your family tree.

      V. 2 #4: Alien Registrations

      New on NaturalizationRecords.com http://naturalizationrecords.com/
      Kansas Enemy Alien Registrations

      After World War I started, all non-naturalized "Enemy
      Aliens" were required to register with United States
      authorities as a security measure.

      Registrants were from all walks of life. For the State of
      Kansas the registered aliens represent a broad cross-section
      of the German-born population of the State.

      NARA has a database of this set of records, but it is not
      indexed, and is a bit tricky to search. I spent some time
      creating indexes for the registrants (over 6,000 names!) and
      putting them in alphabetical order.

      For 120 of the 6,000 registrants there are online digitized
      images of their registration papers at NARA. This contain
      details such as year of immigration plus ship name and port
      of arrival, maiden names of wives, parents' names (including
      mother's maiden name), place and date of birth, childrens'
      names and birth dates, siblings names and places of
      residence, photo, fingerprints, and more.

      Those names without online digital images have more details
      such as place and date of birth, residence, etc. The full
      records can be obtained offline for these registrants.

      The index I have created is for almost 6,000 affidavits
      filed in the Kansas Judicial District, 1917-1921.

      This index is online and searchable at

      If this URL wraps to 2 lines, you can start at


      and follow the link on that page.

      I have written out detailed instructions on how to use the
      online index to find the full records on NARA's online
      database, and how to order the records for those names
      without online images.

      Enjoy, and I hope you find an ancestor or two!

      Irish Famine Immigrants

      For those seeking their Irish ancestors during the Famine
      Years, some exciting news!

      The US National Archives has the Irish Famine Immigrants
      database online. The database is for Irish immigrants to the
      port of New York from 1846-1851.

      Go to http://aad.archives.gov/aad/title_list.jsp

      Select "Irish" or "Immigrants" in the SUBJECT drop down list. Hit
      SUBMIT (the one beside the SUBJECT field)

      Click on "Title: Famine Irish Data Files, 1977 ? - 1989 ?"

      Click on the text link for "OPTIONS - Search"

      It was very exciting for me to try this database out,
      because in searching for my McGinnis ancestors, I suddenly
      realized that one of the ships passenger lists I have online
      on Olive Tree Genealogy is on this database too.

      You can have a bit of fun comparing the two. The ship is the
      Richard Cobden 1848 Liverpool to New York and is online
      (thanks to a generous volunteer) at


      The index to more ships carrying Irish passengers in this
      time period is at http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/ships/

      Another index is at

      Good hunting!

      Announcing a few more ships passenger lists added to Olive
      Tree Genealogy's sister site at

      Richard Cobden 8 Sept 1848 Liverpool to New York with Irish

      Leander 1857 to Quebec with Irish passengers

      Barbara 1847 to Philadelphia PA with Irish passengers

      Assyria 20 May 1871 from Glasgow Scotland to NY (over 500
      names on this one!)

      A big thank you to Mike Cassidy and Diana Quinones for their
      help transcribing these lists.

      Another freebie (I can't resist hunting for these).

      Ancestry.com offers a 7 day free trial for census records but I
      always wondered why they don't offer 14 days for free. They offer 14
      day for their US/Canada databases, and their UK/Ireland databases,
      why not Census?

      So -- I had a chat with them and guess what? They told me about a
      special page on their site that they don't talk about much - with a
      14 day FREE trial for ALL census records! It's not well known, in
      fact I haven't even seen one link to it from any other sites.

      I'm pretty happy about this, and have added the 14 day Census Free
      Trial to the existing links to free trials at

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