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Happy New Year & updates on OTG

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  • olivetreegenealogy <otg@csolve.net>
    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 1 #42: What s New on Olive Tree *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Hi
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2002
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      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the
      roots and branches of your family tree.

      V. 1 #42: What's New on Olive Tree


      Hi everyone

      This is the last newsletter of 2002 :-)

      2003 starts Vol. 2 and a brand new year - one where I hope we all
      have that genealogical breakthrough we've been looking for. I only
      have a few new items this time; Christmas and the Holidays kept me
      fairly busy!


      I have added another year (1822) for the NY Almshouse records.

      For those who missed my earlier message, I am transcribing a set of
      records (1819-1840) for individuals taking out bonds at the almhouse.
      Details include name, age, place of birth, ship name, departure port,
      and more.

      Ship arrivals with partial passenger names before 1822:Alexander,
      Canton, Choate? [scribbled over], Cincinnatus,Criterion, Globe, John
      Dickinson, Margaret [Nicholls iscrossed out], Maria, Nancy, Signet,
      Venus, Weaser, Zenophan

      Places of birth: Ireland, Scotland, England, London,Belfast, Germany

      Ships Sailed from: Greenock, Halifax, Liverpool, London,Newry,
      Savannah, Sligo, St. Johns



      I've also started uploading Graphic Images of Ships Passenger Lists at


      So far I have uploaded:

      Lord London 20 Dec. 1850 Liverpool to New York [6 images]

      Cherokee 20 Dec. 1850 Kingston to New York [8 images]

      Siddon 1850 Liverpool to New York [17 images] (also shows
      deaths on board)

      William Toll 1851 Havre de Grace to New York [4 images]

      Sarah Chase 1851 to New York [1 image]

      Urgent March 1851 Belfast Ireland to New York [16 images]

      E. M. Arndt May 19 1873 Germany to New York [35 images]

      Please remember that these graphic images aren't searchable
      except by scrolling through them one at a time.

      They range from very legible to faint; I did the best I
      could with the microfilm I was working with.

      Information includes Name, Age, Occupation, Sex, Country
      passenger belongs to, County passenger plans on inhabiting
      and Died on Voyage.

      These images are of the actual lists; they have not been transcribed
      and are not on any of my other sites. I have over 50 more copies of
      ships passenger lists from the 1850s into New York and will be
      uploading those to http://www.rootsweb.com/~ote/ships/ as time
      permits. It sounds easy but it's actually rather time consuming so
      please be patient while I continue to work on this project.

      Enjoy and I hope you find an ancestor!


      I always end with a FREEBIE of some sort, but they are getting harder
      to find, so let me remind you of previous free goodies, and tell you
      about one tiny new one.

      The usual freebies that I love and always talk about are the free
      trial subscriptions to Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com's databases.

      To take advantage of any of the 7 free trials offered to these pay-to-
      view databases (and access to hundreds of thousands of names) go to

      The only new freebie I could find for this newsletter was to create
      an online Bio of yourself or a family member with this free template
      and interactive guide at http://www.lifebio.com/


      Happy New Year and may 2003 be full of genealogical finds!

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