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    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 1 #41: What s New on Olive Tree *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2002
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the
      roots and branches of your family tree.

      V. 1 #41: What's New on Olive Tree


      Salt Lake City Update

      I had a great time in Salt Lake City. If you haven't gone to the
      Family History Library there, you really should try to do it some
      time. It was impressive, and I had great success with my lines.

      Anyone who has access to a local FHC will want to check out the books
      (films circulate). I've never seen so many in one room! I live 5
      hours round trip from a FHC so for me, films or books were both
      worthwhile. I immediately headed for the Main Floor books (USA &
      CANADA) and spent a few happy hours there.

      Next came second floor microfilm (USA & CANADA) where I was able to
      use the new machine to copy direct from microfilm to a CD ROM. At
      $1.50 per CD ROM (not per item copied) this is an incredible savings
      over 23 cents/page for the reader-printers if you are doing lots of
      copies. To use the new machine you will need a little experience with
      scanners and saving your files, and it's a bit fidgety, but the
      helpful volunteers are eager to assist.

      For a lunch break, I headed through Temple Square (which is
      absolutely beautiful this time of year, decorated with so many
      Christmas lights you feel like you are in a fairy tale land) to the
      Crossroads Mall for a turkey sandwhich and coffee - a must to stay
      awake during those long hours at the microfilm readers.

      Take some time and take a horse drawn carriage ride around the
      downtown core - the drivers give a great tour and you can relax and
      enjoy the beauty of Salt Lake City.

      All in all, it was a wonderful trip!

      I've already begun putting the first of my finds from SLC online -
      more on that below in the section on Bond Registers of the New York

      Bond Registers of the New York Almshouse

      I have just transcribed and uploaded 119 names of people living in
      New York who applied for bonds to the Alms House in 1819, 1820 and
      1821. The wonderful thing about this set of records is that it
      includes the name of the ship the individual took to come to N.

      There are 2 pages for each name in this ledger. I have only
      transcribed part of the left hand page. (It's a BIG job!) This
      includes Date of Admission; Foreigner (Surname);Foreigner (First
      Name); Age; Place of Birth; Vessel Name; Where From (Departure

      There is more information in the ledgers, including Captain's Name,
      Owner's Name, Date of Bond, Sureties, Date Discharged, Death Date (if
      the person died), Remarks, Bonded, Commuted & Total. While I'd love
      to help further by doing lookups I don't have access to the originals
      anymore. The records are not indexed so I can't look ahead in the
      years I haven't transcribed yet (1822-1840). I want to focus on
      getting them transcribed and online.

      I have not had time to track down the exact arrival date of each of
      the ships named, (and had trouble reading some of the ship names, so
      corrections are welcome!) Researchers could use the clues (admission
      date, captain's name, owner's name, etc) as well as census records,
      to narrow the time frame of arrival. Families with children born in
      one country such as England and then in New York will find it much
      easier to narrow the time frame of immigration.

      I would like to add exact dates of sailing for each ship so if anyone
      finds a date, please let me know.

      The following places of Birth for individuals are listed: Amsterdam,
      Boston, England, France, Germany, Holland,Ireland, Scotland, Wales,
      New York

      Ships sailed from the following ports: Amsterdam, Belfast,Boston,
      Bristol England, Halifax Nova Scotia, Havre, Hull,Liverpool, London,
      Londonderry, Newfoundland, Newry,Sligo,
      St. Johns and Westport Ireland

      Ship arrivals with passenger names before Oct. 1819 were: Ann,
      Caroline, Cleatham, Cossack, Dublin Packet, Ellerd, Emulation, Felix
      or Phoenix, Iris, John Dickinson, Little Bill, Margaret, Nancy,
      Ontario, Phoenix, Prudence,Rosella, The Otis, Visitor


      Ship arrivals with passenger names before 1820 were: Hannibal
      [faded], Anos [?], Belle Savage, Bette, Canton, Catherine,
      Cincinnatus, Copack, Cossack, Crane [?], Dawn, Elizabeth, Evergreen,
      Fair Cambrian, Five Friends, Grand Turck, Grey Hound, Herron,
      Independence, John Dickensen, Lorenzo, Margaret, Martha, Mechanic,
      Ocean, Ohio, Otis, Rapid, Richmond, Solen, Stetton, Ten Sisters,
      Visitor, Wm. Stowland


      Ship arrivals with passenger names before 1821 were: Alexander,
      Alice & Mansfield, Boston Packet, Cincinnatus, Courier, Ellen,
      Prince, Shotlen & Mansfied, Spartan, Venus


      I'm really excited about this find and will try to get the rest of
      the years (1822-1840) transcribed and on Olive Tree Genealogy as fast
      as I can. It's a really big job though, as the writing is small,
      sometimes the ink is faded, and I have to keep stopping to peer
      through my trusty magnifying glass to make out letters! So please be
      patient, and keep checking back to see what new years I have put

      New letters on my Past Voices: Letters Home site at

      Letter from Malcolm Francis Mcleod to his sister in 1919


      Letter from Lance Corporal G. B. Finnigan, of St. Andrews,formerly of
      Freeport, Nova Scotia, Sept. 1915


      Letter from Private Harold (Herald) V. Delaney of 24thBattalion, Sec,
      C. E. F. Sandling Camp, England Dec. 1915


      Letter from James William Voyce, B Coy Canadian Pioneers,1916


      Be sure to drop by - you might find an ancestor or two! I am always
      happy to have more letters to publish online. Be sure to click on
      SHARE YOUR LETTERS if you would like to have your ancestor's letter
      online with a chance to make connections with others searching the
      same family.

      And my first success letter arrived today from a visitor to Past
      Voices: Letters Home!!

      "I found a letter on your site from my maternal grandfather to my
      grandmother. I was thrilled. Sincerely, Carolyn"

      Charlotte's Pearls

      Charlotte Maness has shared her "Pearls" (extracts from Missouri
      newspapers) on the ROOTS-L Mailing List over the last few months.
      With her permission, they are being placed online on my USA Genealogy
      site for all researchers to use and enjoy freely. They begin in
      January 1866 and go to Dec. 1896. Charlotte is still sharing more
      which will also be added to the archived files at


      Free Goodies

      It's almost Christmas, so I had to find more free genealogy goodies
      for you. I've mentioned Ancestry.com's 3 free trial subscriptions
      (Census, Ireland-UK, and USA databases) and Genealogy.com's free
      trial subscription to their Passenger & Immigration Databases, but I
      have more!

      Genealogy.com has added 3 more free trials:

      Family & Local Histories Collection14 day free trial
      US Census Collection14 Day Free Trial Subscription
      Genealogy Library Free Trial Subscription
      To take advantage of any of the 7 free trials to these pay-to-view
      databases (and access to hundreds of thousands of names) go to
      I've also started a new section on Olive Tree Genealogy
      called "FREEBIES" I have listed several free or almost free genealogy
      items of interest. It is at

      There's a nice Family Story Generator that is free, and it's great to
      fill out and send to a favorite grandchild or two.

      Well, that's it for this newsletter. It's a bit lengthy but I had so
      much to tell everyone about Salt Lake City. Enjoy, and best wishes
      for a Happy Holiday Season!

      Please feel free to forward any parts of this message to any person
      or list you feel would be interested.

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