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Update: Search Engines, Census Records, Ships Passenger Lists

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  • olivetreegenealogy
    The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots and branches of your family tree. V. 1 #26: UPDATES Was it really 2 weeks ago I sent the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2002
      The Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter --- helping you find the roots
      and branches of your family tree.

      V. 1 #26: UPDATES

      Was it really 2 weeks ago I sent the last newsletter? It's been a
      busy few weeks! My project to set up search engines to search *ALL*
      free Internet ships passenger lists is still underway. I'm really
      excited about this because it's such a convenience for you, the

      Imagine - from one page on my site, you can search all online ships
      lists to USA and from another page you can search all online ships
      lists to Canada. You can still search ship by ship (and you should
      always use this method too if you don't find your ancestor using my
      search engines).


      I still have a few USA state search engines to set up. It's time
      consuming so please be patient if your state of interest has not yet
      been added. So far I have search engines to search the following USA
      locations: Maryland, Texas, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania,
      Virginia, Connecticut, New England, N & S Carolina. The grand total
      of ships you can search from my custom built search engines is 4,190.

      I also have a search engine to search the NAC database of ships to
      Canada (703,646 passenger names) and USA (6,293 passenger names) 1925-
      1935, InGeneas immigration records (both free and pay databases),
      *and* you can now search ships lists on Rootsweb.com (10,696
      passenger names) from my site.

      Search Engines for Ships to USA

      Search Engines for Ships to Canada

      Search Ships to USA by year or port of arrival

      Search Ships to Canada by year of arrival

      For those seeking their roots in Canada, I have established Search
      Engines to search the online 1871 index to the Ontario Census (NAC
      database) and the 1901 census for all of Canada (another NAC


      Searching the 1901 census is tricky - it is images and
      cannot be searched by surname, only by location. I plan to write a
      detailed article describing my efforts to search this database and to
      share my tips with you.

      Meantime I'll give you a few brief pointers based on my own tedious
      slogging through those records.

      This database has 2 Schedules - #1 and #2. #1 is the personal census
      with names of family members. #2 is a list of addresses that the
      census taker visited. It is overlooked by researchers but is a time-
      saving tool! You must know a town or township, and within those
      areas, if you know a street or lot and concession number for your
      ancestor in 1901, go directly to Schedule 2 for each sub-district,
      and hunt through the few image pages for the street name and number
      or the lot and concession. Use the two numbers in the left hand
      columns to indicate what page and what line your individual is on in
      Schedule 1.

      Then go to the correct sub-district in Schedule 1, select
      the page number(s) you found in Schedule 2 and you have your
      ancestor. If you don't know where your ancestor lived, then you
      should consult the City and Farmer's Directories for that location
      before starting your search of the census records online.

      To search the 1871 and 1901 census records from my pages, go to


      I also have links to hundreds of online census records, both free and
      pay-to-view. Remember that even in pay-to-view databases, the search
      of the index is free, it is only the details that cost money. I have
      marked the links clearly with a $ for pay-to-view, a check-mark for
      free, and my Olive Tree logo for free census records that are on my
      own pages. I have also provided a link beside every pay database link
      to a free 7 day trial! So you can search the index for 'hits', the
      take the free trial to get details.

      Speaking of free, I have set up a page that lists free (and
      almost free) items found on the Internet. It's fun (free flag decals
      and magnets) , it's useful (free genealogy charts and forms, family
      story generator and more) and it's helpful in research (free trials
      to various online subscription services). I'll be adding to this page
      as I find more great deals for you.


      Good hunting!

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