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Hangouts on Google+ : A New Way to Connect

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  • Olive Tree Genealogy
    Hi everyone I ve been playing quite a bit in Google+ over the last two weeks. I m liking it. One of the features I ve been focusing on is Hangouts. Hangouts
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2011
      Hi everyone

      I've been playing quite a bit in Google+ over the last two weeks. I'm liking
      it. One of the features I've been focusing on is Hangouts. Hangouts are a
      way of using your webcam and microphone to have up to 10 people together in
      a chat. You can start a hangout and announce it to specific circles (groups
      of people you have added) or to everyone. Anyone who sees the notice can
      join the hangout.

      That's something to be aware of. You can't kick anyone out of a hangout so
      if you are just dipping your toe in the hangout water, you might want to
      start one that is known only to your best friends or family members. Each
      hangout has its own URL. That URL can be shared as a link to invite others.
      However, only Google+ users are able to join.

      Or just join one that you see already in progress. Once you get comfortable
      with the idea, jump in and start your own. You can start a hangout from the
      stream whenever you want. You can either go to plus.google.com/hangouts or
      click the blue *Start a Hangout* button on the side of your stream.

      Once you are in a Hangout you see a horizontal bar of video images of those
      who are in the hangout. Whenever someone starts talking, their video image
      pops up as the large image above the horizontal bar of smaller images. That
      way you know who's talking. You can mute their video or microphone if you
      don't want to see or hear someone (perhaps they are behaving badly or
      they've got noise interference or... ). You can also mute your own. It's
      nice if participants mute theirs if they're racked with a coughing spasm!
      You can unmute at any time. You can also text chat while in the video chat.

      We did that yesterday in a hangout as we had a participant who is deaf. She
      lip reads but because her lag was so extreme she could not see the lips of
      those talking. So we typed in the chat window to help keep her up to speed
      on what was being discussed. I suggested that she consider starting a weekly
      hangout where she could teach sign language to anyone interested. I'd
      attend! She seemed to like the idea so today I'm going to write to her to
      encourage her to set one up.

      Yesterday I spent an interesting hour discussing genealogy and some
      technical aspects of Google + in Mark Olsen's Marathon Hangout which has
      been going for over six days now. Mark contacted me earlier in the day to
      ask why I'd not dropped in and to invite me to join him for an hour
      dedicated to discussing genealogy and Google+. I'm glad I went! It was
      great to meet new people and to hear new ideas.

      I've been thinking a lot about the use of Hangouts and one thing I'd like to
      try is using Hangouts for family chats. My idea is to arrange a time and day
      (perhaps once monthly) then let siblings, nieces, nephews and kids know.
      They would all be in my circle called FAMILY.

      So I would start the hangout and invite only that circle. Family members who
      want to join in could do so. It would be so nice to have all of us able to
      see and hear each other and even the grandchildren could gather around to
      participate with their parents. In effect you'd have a virtual Family
      Reunion. And my readers know how much I love Family


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