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I Spy With My Genealogy Eye...

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    Hello everyone, I thought you might enjoy reading about a genealogy game or two I play with my grandchildren. I posted this on my Olive Tree Genealogy blog
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2011
      Hello everyone,

      I thought you might enjoy reading about a genealogy game or two I play with
      my grandchildren. I posted this on my Olive Tree Genealogy blog this morning
      (with photos)

      I'm curious - if you have genealogy games you play with your children or
      grandchildren, will you take a moment to visit my blog and leave a comment?




      I admit it. I have been brainwashing my grandchildren since birth. I tell
      genealogy stories constantly. I choose ancestors with stories that I hope
      will excite them or enthrall them or make them curious. I repeat the same
      stories as many times as my grandkids want to hear them.

      It's amazing what they remember, and what they love to hear. Every year on
      their annual summer visits to our farm they beg me for the same stories over
      and over. * *

      *"Tell us the story again about our ancestor who walked Niagara Falls on a
      tightrope" *

      *"Gramma tell us about our ancestor who fought in the War of 1812" *

      *"Gramma which ancestor was it who was killed by a fish? Tell that story
      again!"* (Doubters, this is a true story. I have a newspaper clipping of the
      tragic yet bizarre fish incident in which my great grandfather's cousin was
      killed by a sturgeon)

      My living room is full of ancestor photos in antique frames (I just counted
      and there are 20 in our cathedral style living room. That doesn't include
      those on the staircase, in the loft and other rooms of the house)*. *Every
      year we play *"Name the Ancestor"* with the grandchildren over the age of
      10. This is a little game where they try to name our ancestors on the wall,
      including their relationship to each person.

      Winner is the child who gets the most names correct and can give the correct
      relationship (example: *That's my Great great grandma Ruth*).

      For those who think there shouldn't be winners versus losers, I'll let you
      in on a secret - children love competitions. They love to win. The
      grandchild who doesn't come first will almost certainly try harder next time
      or listen more attentively when I talk about each ancestor.

      Did you notice I said we only play this as a competition with the children
      over age 10? Children over the age of 10 understand winning and not winning.
      They don't cry when they don't win. With the younger children I make it like
      the game *"I Spy."* Only my version is called *"I Spy With My Genealogy Eye"
      *. Notice that we don't spy with our "*little*" eye, we spy with our "*
      genealogy*" eye!

      My 6 year old grandson loves this game. He takes his turn with *"I spy with
      my genealogy eye, an ancestor who is Gramma Ollie's Grandma"* (I'm Gramma
      Ollie) Then the rest of us have to point to the correct person in the

      Even my 3 year old grandson tries to play but he doesn't quite get it yet.
      His version goes like this* "I spying with my all-a-gee eye, something like
      a lady in a dress" *But that's okay because as soon as one of us in the
      game picks the right *"lady in a dress"* I make sure I name the person they
      chose. *

      *"Oh that's Grandma Ruth! Good going, you chose Grandma Ruth with your
      genealogy eye"*

      Yes it's called brainwashing. Being a parrot. Repeating what you want your
      grandchildren to remember. If their attention span can handle it, I add a
      bit along the lines of *"Grandma Ruth was my grandmother. She's your
      great-grandmother*" I've usually lost them by this time but some of it will
      sink in.

      I also prompt them with sentences like *"Okay it's your turn. Use your
      genealogy eye to choose an ancestor for the rest of us to guess" *I know.
      I'm shameless when it comes to my determination to turn at least ONE of my
      13 grandkids into a genealogist!

      Somebody has to take my 10 filing cabinet drawers of genealogy documents and
      my stacks of unsorted genealogy papers at some point in time...* *
      And so I brainwash my grandchildren with stories and games like "I Spy With
      My Genealogy Eye." Fingers crossed that one will pick up the torch and
      carry on. *

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      6/02/2011 07:40:00 AM

      Lorine McGinnis Schulze

      Follow my genealogy updates on my blog
      and on Twitter http://twitter.com/LorineMS

      Olive Tree Genealogy

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